30 Ridiculous Things All Couples Fight About

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arguing coupleThere are certain subjects guaranteed to put an abrupt end to your domestic bliss. I'm not talking about those big, life-changing blow-ups (like after he announces he doesn't want more kids or you've gambled away your 401[k] on a bad investment). There are plenty of little, seemingly innocuous annoyances that can put a damper on a usually peaceful, happy home. Take a look at the 30 things guaranteed to start a spat with your spouse.

  1. How many times he presses the snooze button
  2. Taking out the trash
  3. Whose turn it is to take Little Bobby to yet another birthday party
  4. Changing the toilet paper roll
  5. How long a mother-in-law plans to visit
  6. Snoring
  7. Putting a cap on the toothpaste
  8. The fact he "Friended" an ex on Facebook
  9. Who takes longer to get ready
  10. Size the new TV should be
  11. Farting
  12. Washing the dishes
  13. Getting lost
  14. What to name the dog
  15. Cleaning the bathroom
  16. Keeping a gift an ex gave you long ago
  17. What temp the bedroom should be set to
  18. Which side of the family to spend Christmas with
  19. Burping
  20. The dirty clothes left on the floor
  21. Who gets to pick what to watch on TV tonight
  22. Emptying the dishwasher
  23. How to dress the kids
  24. He doesn't think your friend is good enough to date his
  25. You root for opposing teams
  26. He doesn't want to hang out with your friends
  27. He ate all of your cookies
  28. Walking the dog
  29. Which one of you is more likable
  30. Where to put things in the fridge

What other silly things do you argue about?


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Heath... Heather.Rose

My husband and I have never fought about one of these. We will poke a little fun at each other but never a fight.

handy... handy0318

Same here, Heather.  We coming up on our 15th in a few weeks and I can honestly say we have never argued about any of these things.

About the only we argue about in our marriage is that he has no concept of time and doesn't think being prompt is all that big of a deal. Me, I was raised by an ex-Navy guy, so the idea of being late is a huge no-no.  The argument comes when we are arriving together somewhere and his actions make me late. Almost 15 years together and it's something I can get him to change, nor accept with equanimity. 

SassB SassB

Either Ericka hasn't been married, or very long, or she is reading too many self help fiction books.

We've been married over 3 decades and don't know anyone who fights over this drivel.

the4m... the4mutts

Um, we have never fought about ANY of these things. Almost 5 years together, and we have only fought about important things, and we typically fight about twice a year. Never fought about dumbass nonsensical crap.

Jenni... Jennishness

We haven't fought about any of those things. We don't really FIGHT, we've never yelled at eachother. We've been together 8 years and have 2 under 2 btw so it's not like it's a 6 month stress-free fling lol.

nonmember avatar Samantha

The guy im with is really calm & that helps me be a calmer person as well. When im with someone with an equal temper, it gets ridiculous. Ive learned not to be a "petty" person, and my partner isnt either. Thats not to say we wont ever argue. We already have, but its not a "fight". Bickering may ensue, but unless its a huge issue, i dont think there will be any fighting going on. Weve already established many things about what we want in life, and i think well do just fine. (we plan to move in together within the next year.

Maryah Tapia

Yep, my hubby & I (together for 10yrs, w/2 kids under three) have never fought over any of these things. Not. A. Single. One. 

jmama... jmama0307

This does not sound like us. We don't argue about none of these suggestions. 

nonmember avatar Rissa

Silly but true ahahaha, I can relate a lot.

Julie... JulieJacobKyle

We've been married 15 years and we've never fought over any of this.  

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