6 Chores My Husband Is Much Better at Doing Than I Am

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husband choresIn a house where things are equally divided, there are bound to be some chores at which one spouse is better and others at which the other spouse is better. Hopefully these things balance out. Yesterday, I wrote about the five chores my husband is NOT allowed to do. This is mostly because, well, he kind of sucks at them.

Luckily he doesn't suck at everything and there is a WHOLE lot he can do that I can't. And that, my friends, is called balance.

With no further ado, here are the six chores my husband must ALWAYS do in our house:

  1. Take out the trash: It's not an absolute. Certainly I have done it and am capable of doing it, but my spouse is much, much better at remembering the days our trash and recycling pick up. He is also stronger, so carrying two or three bags at one time is easier. Hence, this is his job almost exclusively.
  2. Kiss boo-boos: Yes, I am a mom, but I am not the world's most sensitive one. When my kids fall down, they go to their daddy who is much more loving and sensitive than I am. When he is home, they prefer him.
  3. Getting gas/car maintenance: When it has to do with our cars, I always defer to the old hubs. I know nothing about cars (I am a cliche).
  4. Finding our way: Again with the cliche! I have no sense of direction, so my husband is pretty much solely in charge of getting us anywhere we need to go. It works most of the time. Except for when it doesn't and we wind up lost somewhere deep in the East Village. But that's another story.
  5. Paying the bills: My husband is responsible for 99 percent of the bills in our house. I am aware of what is going on, but he handles the day to day on it.
  6. Walking the dog: This is one I just hate, so my hubs gets the fun. But seriously, the dog just likes him better!

What does your husband do exclusively?




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linzemae linzemae

Scrubbing the shower.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Trash, lawn, his bathroom.

tcm_mom tcm_mom

Trash, cleaning the yard, and all handyman work!

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Grocery shopping, pays the bills, yard work and about 50% of the laundry. I do pretty much everything else.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Work. EVERYTHING else is mine to worry about. He's great about picking up the slack (and there is some every night) but there's nothing that's consistently his problem besides working. Oh well.

wamom223 wamom223

The laundry.  He is allowed to pitch in when I get behind but he doesn't want me to touch the laundry because I could mess up his system.  I don't bitch because hey what is there to bitch about.  He also handles the trash mostly because I'm short and sometimes have difficulty getting the bag into that monster garbage can.  We are a one income family but he says his job is work and mine is the kid and everything should be equal; so I take the top floor, he does the bottom floor and the whole family pitches in for yard work (even though he is the only accomplishing anything worth mentioning I still feel like my son and I should go out and try.)

Tanst... Tanstaafl2

If she didn't occassionally need me to kill a spider, I sometimes think she'd have no use for me at all!

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