Rachael Ray's Husband May Be Leading a Double Life if He Goes to Swinger Clubs Without Her


Rachael RayI hope Rachael Ray is sitting down when she picks up this issue of The National Enquirer. The tab is claiming (I know, I know ... ) that her husband, John Cusimano, is a frequent visitor to a Manhattan swingers' club. And I don't mean a club where they have swings, if you catch my meaning.

The source claims that Mr. Ray has been in the club at least six times -- each time without his wife -- even after they were married. Ewww.

The club, called Checkmate, is apparently a place for "youngish, attractive, vibrant, hip, fit, and well-dressed" men and women to, um, well, do whatever these types do when they're in a club with beds that can accommodate multiple people. Did I say Ewww already?

The source says that after John was finished "romping" with the lassies, he'd stop by the club's buffet and pick up a few bagels. So maybe he was just hungry?

Rachael's publicist told The Daily Mail that the star doesn't comment on stories from the The National Enquirer. Really? You wouldn't comment on a story like this. Not even to say, "Hells no"?

If this is even remotely true, then I think a lot of people are just going to assume that Rachael must know about her husband's extracurricular activities. Trust me when I say that spouses can lead secret double lives and you can easily be none the wiser. I know this from my own ex, who was secretly gay. And I know this from watching Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Ever seen that show? Shudder.

Look, it's impossible to follow around someone 24/7. Plus, celebrity chef Rachael is a hard-working gal. She's got other stuff to do. We'd all like to think our spouse will give off clear as day "signs" that they're up to no good, but this is just a polite fiction we comfort ourselves with, not wanting to believe it could happen to us.

If any of this is true, and Rachael was clueless, I truly feel for her. She's been married eight years and must have assumed that she knew her husband well.

Have you ever been fooled by a spouse? Do you believe this rumor?

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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Direct quote from the story you linked:

Now when I see judgmental comments online, or I hear them in real life, I just laugh. You wait, I think. In fact, I think most of the time when women are being judgmental about other women's relationships, they just haven't found out something about their husbands yet. If you haven't, and never do, then you should still be nice to those not as lucky as yourself -- because you didn't necessarilychoose correctly. Luck played a role too.


Someone forgot about past lessons learned! BTW we all know the National Enquirer is the most reputable news source around. Good for RR not to fuel the fires of their "news" with a comment. Shame, shame. And I'm not even a fan of RR.

the4m... the4mutts

Yeah, the national enquirer isnt worth a quote from someone as cool as RR. Good for her.

Even if its true, that trash mag still doesnt deserve for its story to have any comments from her.

tuffy... tuffymama

The Enquirer is crazy, but didn't they break the John Edward affair? Or was that another tabloid?

The funniest commentary on Rachael Ray, IMO, came from Chris Onstad in Achewood. I actually LOL just thinking of it.

Nelli... NellieAthome

How disrespectful to call her husband "Mr Ray" as if he has no identiy of his own......

SassB SassB

I made the entire back page of National Enquirer when I was 14 years old! (decades ago)  They took a local story about a highly motivated teen who developed a successful and unique door-to-door business, and turned it into a 'sex-crazed, horny-teen, selling (implied sex services) door-to-door'.  

But ladies, there are at least 3 redeeming values of the NE:

     1) Makes great bird cage liner, the size is perfect, where you have to fold news print.

     2) When camping,  you roll it into loose roll, it does start a camp fire readily.

     3) It's great at identifying 'low information voters' and others who believe it has to be true if it's on the Internet.


nonmember avatar Roni

The author of this article wrote this as if she has no idea that just a few years ago John Cusimano was accused by a supposed former female acquaintance of engaging in "kinky" acts with her and others both before and after he was married to Rachael. So of course she would have some clue that he might have once cheated on her if she took any of those earlier allegations seriously. This made big Enquirer headlines, I'm surprised you didn't hear of it. At least do your homework before you post!

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