6 Things a Woman Says When She Is Trying to Steal Your Man

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stealing manMy husband is one of those men who is totally clueless to other women's advances. A women could plop down on his lap, start making out with him, and he STILL would say: "What? She just likes me as a friend."

Suuuure. Still, you spend enough time with a guy like that and you start to doubt your female instinct. Maybe she isn't a vicious man-stealing woman, intent on sleeping with my hubby. Maybe she IS just a friend. Let's not kid ourselves.

The other day, we were hanging out with a friend when it became painfully obvious that a woman at the bar was making eyes at my husband. "You are fascinating," she purred while I rolled my eyes. What a cliche! Then it occurred to me that these ladies are very easy to spot. They all say the same things! Below, find the 6 things a woman says when she is trying to take your man:

  1. "Does he have a brother?": That is the single most oft-used line from women who are looking to co-opt your man. Assuming the answer is no, then who does she really want? Isn't it obvious?
  2. "If your WIFE isn't interested in that, I sure am": The number one "home-wrecker" tool is to be what the spouse isn't. So if she isn't a scientist, BOOM! You are. See how that works?
  3. "I'll never be as pretty as your wife": This one is especially manipulative. It LOOKS like a compliment, but it's not. It's actually a thinly disguised way to open a conversation no one should be having with YOUR spouse.
  4. "Is your wife WILD (like me)?": This is just yuck. And obvious. And wrong.
  5. "Wanna go to lunch alone?": Pretty much any time a woman is trying to get your man alone, you should have your ears perked up. I happen to believe men and women can't really be "just friends" at least most of the time. So if a woman were asking my husband to hang out alone, I would be on red alert.
  6. "Wow, my boyfriend would NEVER do that for me. You are SO great!": Ah, flattery. It will get you everywhere with a man. Make him feel special and loved and he is putty in your hand. Nice plan, sister.

Watch out for these statements! What other ones have you heard?


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poshkat poshkat

Dh's coworker and I became fast friends and when he got sick, he went to work one night and she kept texing me to ask me how to coddle him. I told her to leave him be, hes grumpy and whatever you do do not ask him if he's ok. I thought she was trying to be helpful. WRONG. Than the texts started to his phone. Iturns out she had just broken off her engagment 3 days before her wedding and was texting my dh and trying to start a relationship with him. He showed me everything and I told her to back off numerous times before it got ugly. Shes gone now thank god, but there are other things women do and say other than your list


Don't sell men so short,on the contrary they can see things women don't. My friends ex bf was telling us that an acquaintance of hers was hitting on him,and we thought he was full of it. Well it turns out he was right. Some of the things she would say were:Why do you talk to( )that way;stop picking on ( );where's ( )?go wake him up(the guy worked nights). That last one was when we realized he wasn't talking out of his ass. They'll make you out to be a shrew.

nonmember avatar Todd Vrancic

Uh, men aren't property. They can't be stolen. By the same token, women aren't property and also can't be stolen.

Angyll28 Angyll28

Sadly and absolutely pathetically I was that piece of crap woman. One of my truly biggest regrets in my life. It hurt so many good good people and I will never be that horrible C-word again. I'm sorry for any woman that has had too put up with trash like I was.

nonmember avatar proudmommyof4

Yes, had a woman try to jump the line at a dance club by asking my husband if she could show him some leg to get in. He shut it down immediately by saying he's happily married...and yes she glared at me as I walked up with our daughter and didn't have to wait in line.

KacieLu KacieLu

See, it's people like this that make it hard to be friends with non-single guys. I have very few female friends. I used to be best friends with J, who was basically my brother all through high school and college. The closest we ever got to flirting was me drunkenly telling him one night that it would take a lot more alcohol for me to kiss him. His wife, though, was convinced that I was out to steal him. After a few years and two babies, she finally told him that he couldn't hang out with me, unless she was there. And since she didn't like me, I haven't hung out with him since a few years after college.

On a side note, I don't believe I ever used any of these 'lines' when speaking to him. And women who believe that friendships can't be Co-Ed must be attracted to a lot more guts than I am.

ashes... ashes2ashes831

Kacie that was wrong what you did. The ever famous "you do so much your wife doesn't appreciate you or the things you do" gag I was 34 weeks pregnant, working 40 hrs a week, taking care of 2 kids. He was the ass

claud... claudiaj1218

in response to number 3,he could just say, "Yeah, you're right, you'll never be as pretty as my wife," smile, then he just walk away.

Mommi... MommietoJB

I totally agree that men can be oblivious to advances from a female. Most determined homewreckers play that friend angle and slowly gain the mans trust and will have him confide in her his marital problems. Making the man think she has none of the issues that his wife/gf does, ughh! I hate these types of women.

nonmember avatar ally

I agree with Todd. Men, and women, cannot be stolen.

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