Mom's Tattoo Helps Her Through Her Divorce (VIDEO)

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Marisa is a mother of three kids -- and three little birds. After separating from her husband, Marisa decided to get a tattoo of three little birds on her foot, each bird representing her three children. Marisa has two other tats, but she says the trio of birds is the first one that represents the children. She wanted to get it as a way of taking her kids wherever she went. Aw, cute! Marisa tells her poignant story of the origination of her latest tattoo on "Tattoo Moms."

Each little bird on Marisa's foot is a different color -- red, blue, and pink -- and represents a different child. Says Marisa: "They definitely talk about it and show other people and say, 'That's us.' They know who's who."

The thought of getting another tattoo began while Marisa was in the process of separating from her husband. While she was staying at a hotel, she noticed that the wallpaper had a three-bird motif. Says Marisa, "I took a picture of it and thought, 'That's my tattoo.'"

For her, the tattoo represents that her three kids are always going to be in her life. "The kids are a constant," she says. "They're never going anywhere. I'm never going to lose them and they're never going to lose me." Just like a tattoo! Well, unless you get it removed, of course. Ahem.

She sums up all tattoo representative of kids by saying, "When they're not with me, they're still with me, because I can look at this." Take a look at Marisa's cool tattoo.

Do you have a tattoo that commemorates your kids?


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nonmember avatar NoWay

Not yet ... but I was thinking of getting 3 butterflies. A big one (Me) and two smaller ones on either side (my boys). :)

nonmember avatar Elijah

"...Do not mark your skin with tattoos...." Lev. 19:28, The Holy Bible.

nonmember avatar Jim Stevenson

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tbruc... tbrucemom

I almost got a tattoo after I got divorced. I wonder why that's a common theme. For me it was doing something out of character. I didn't end of getting one and I'm glad now because my fiance can't stand tattoos.

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