7 Types of Flowers a Man Will Bring & What They Say About Him

flowersFlowers are the stuff of love and romance. Although I am not a flower person, I would say about 99 percent of women really are and they love to receive flowers from their significant other.

Flowers are a funny thing. They all have meanings assigned to them that not everyone knows about. And most of us have a favorite flower we love to receive that our husband knows by heart. My wedding, for instance, was dripping with lilacs because they are by far my most favorite flower. They signify youthful innocence apparently. Who knew?

For me, they were just about their wonderful smell and their drooping beauty. But, unless a man knows you well, the flowers he brings to your day say more about him than they ever do about "youthful innocence" or "true love." Here are 7 types of flowers and the types of men who bring them:

  1. Sunflowers: These are a beautiful flower. The man you receive these from is probably unconventional, maybe a bit of a hippy free spirit type, and definitely a lot of fun. He thinks outside the box and can recognize a good flower. This guy's a keeper!
  2. Tulips: If it's springtime, this flower suggests that this man is the type of person who likes good weather, cares little about convention, and probably went to Amsterdam at some point. Which also may mean he is a pot head. But I digress. This is a fun flower and probably comes with a fun, light guy.
  3. Daffodils: If you happen to love daffodils or have someone in your family who died of cancer (they are the American Cancer Society flower), then this is a very thoughtful flower. They are also outside the box and a little less expensive, so this is clearly a man who is thinking about finances and will probably make smart financial choices as well as remain thoughtful.
  4. Roses: This is a double-edged sword kind of flower. On the one hand, it's so romantic and feels a bit extravagant (a dozen red roses are expensive!). It's also kind of a cliche. The kind of man who gives these is traditional. That can be a good thing. But that can also be a bad thing. I would be wary of a man who brings these too early in a relationship.
  5. Daisies: These are whimsical, colorful, and pretty. I would expect these from a creative type of guy. Maybe an artist or musician.
  6. Hand-picked wildflowers: To me, this is the ultimate guy. If he spent the time gathering flowers that made him think of me, I know he is a loyal person and someone who likely will consider me and my needs. He's also not a guy who does what everyone else does. A free thinker is a MUST.
  7. Orchids: I would expect these from an orderly person who likes things clean and simple and has a good sense of design and aesthetics. Maybe someone who is a bit too anal for me, but if you like that, more power to you!

What flowers does your man bring you?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I love any kind of flower, and any man who brings his woman flowers is thoughtful in my book. My personal favorite are hydrangeas, particualrly blue ones.

JS0512 JS0512

I often get orchids - not because my man is "anal", it's because they are my favorite and he has always remembered this.  I also get carnations sometimes when he wants to make me laugh.  I hate carnations & he knows this and thinks it's funny to screw with me (and I agree).

Doomy234 Doomy234

When my husband brings me flowers, its usually red tulips. He knows that tulips are my second favorite flower and that red is my favorite color. My favorite flower is the bleeding heart, but those are hard to get on short notice. Occasionally in the spring he will go out and pick me a flower from the garden. Sometimes easter lillies, sometimes orchids. Sometimes he'll go out and find this really pretty purple and orange flower that only grows one every year because he knows I love that one. He's a sweetheart. :)

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

DH usually gets me Sunflowers, they are my favorite & always blooming on my birthday :) He'll get me roses occasionally too, usually when he can't get sunflowers.

cleig... cleigh717

I always get lilies. I'm unsure why exactly. But I'm glad to receive them!

PonyC... PonyChaser

My guy doesn't bring me flowers. He knows that my cat will probably try to eat them, and I'll end up with water all over the floor, and possibly a very sick cat if the flowers are toxic. He brings me chocolate instead. I eat that before the critters can get it!! (seriously, he has brought me flowers, once, between kitties. Yellow roses and Gerbera Daisies. Both my favorites. And they were gorgeous.)

lovel... lovelychaos13

lol my dh knows i truly hate sunflowers, i find them ugly as heck. love eating sunflower seeds but hate sunflowers. he also knows i really dont like daisys, just dont, i have seen some oddly  pretty colored ones that i can tollerate looking at but still.

my top fave is irises. love love love them, sweet delicate scent, more unique looking blooms, hes tried everywhere in town and no where carries them :( so generally he gets me roses or mostly carnations. i like carnations. im weird about colors with flowers its a big no no to get me yellow or orange colored flowers. but daffodils are an exception. a few months ago about the time we lost our 1st baby together at 38 weeks hes been  buying and trying to keep fresh flowers for me in  a old vase i have. losing our baby changed us and changed our marrige in a bitter sweet way.

glori... gloriacasale

my hubby gets me tiger lillies. :)

nonmember avatar jade

None. Just be grateful he cares enough to bring flowers at all. And NEVER even consider marrying a guy who doesn't. He'll never be anything but self-centered

Laraxx Laraxx

I absolutely adore flowers,with the exception of (wait for it)the sunflower. After many years of marriage and flowers,my wonderful D H bought me flowers with my latest birthday present. This time it was a bouquet made up of mainly sunflowers. I tried my best to look happy with my flowers although he just new by my face I wasn't. In the end I just blurted out, I can't stand looking at sunflowers. I can't explain it but they freak me out lol! We had a laugh about it and a promise to avoid them in the future! Phew lol.

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