15 Annoying Questions Husbands Can’t Stop Asking Their Wives

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confused manLet me just preface this post by saying that I have the greatest husband -- most of the time. But even a really wonderful man can drive his woman nuts every once in awhile. For example, why do they always ask questions they should darn well know the answer to. I know I'm not alone here, ladies. So I took a quick and very informal poll of women in relationships and they revealed all of the really annoying things their guys continually ask. So take a look at the 15 questions women wish men would just stop asking!

  1. Where do we keep the toilet paper? -- Same place it's been stored since we moved into this house five years ago!
  2. Do we have any snacks? -- I don't know. Why don't you open the cupboard and look!
  3. Do I have any deodorant? -- Hmm. How will we solve this mystery? I know, try checking your bathroom cabinet.
  4. Do we have any milk? -- Open. The. Fridge. And. Look!!!!
  5. Where's the mail? -- In that mailbox you walked by right before you stepped inside.
  6. Do you need help with the dishes? -- Next time ask before you see me put the last plate away.
  7. Are you watching that? -- Of course not. I am just sitting here staring at the screen for no apparent reason.
  8. Where is my hat? -- Wherever you left it when you took it off.
  9. Do you mind if I watch the games? -- Hmmm. Is that plural, meaning more than one? Ugh.
  10. You gonna wear that? -- Why go there?
  11. Is it that time of the month? -- If you mean the time of the month that you are annoying, then yes.
  12. Can you change his diaper? I did the last one! -- Oh yeah, and I did the last 50 before that.
  13. Do we really have to go? -- Yes.
  14. If you died, you'd want me to remarry, wouldn't you? -- Sure, as long as she's older and fatter than me.
  15. Why are you so annoyed? -- See any of the above!

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What other questions do you wish your man would stop asking?


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Doomy234 Doomy234

Omigosh yes with the "where is my" questions. Those are non-stop with my husband. He is very scatter brained when it comes to setting his stuff down, especially his phone and his glasses. And the "are you watching this" I always say no because he has usually been at work all day. But it is still a bit irritating. And the "do we have anything to eat?", I hate it because I will list all the things we have but we are always missing the one thing he WANTS. Ugh. Lol. But I love him, even when I wanna strangle him. :P

Miche... MichelleNYC

where is my shirt/belt/hat/coat etc..

The other day he woke me up to ask where a certain shirt was, he couldn't find it. It was folded on the shelf with the other shirts in order of color. But I love him anyway giving heart

Woofi... WoofieMom

Wow. Marry someone like that, and you need not bear a child.  You married one.

nonmember avatar blh

You're so right woofiemom yet sadly most of them are like that.

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

My guy is always asking where his hat/keys/wallet/shoes are. Thank god he doesn't wear glasses because that'd just be one more thing to lose.

Heath... HeatherJo11

Lol...This list is dead-on. Men are just big overgrown man-babies. But I love mine despite it all. The TP one drives me nuts. The keys/hat/ glasses one I'm just so use to it hardly bothers me anymore. And oh the snacks, I'm not even gonna get started. Lol

nonmember avatar Katie

Happy to say my husband doesn't ask any of those. He's smart enough to look for things himself and does his part when it comes to diapers

Kzint... KzintiFeline

This is so NOT my hubby, and I'm glad about it, but he *does* ask me to find some things that he misplaces, and I do the same with him.  It turns out that I am great at finding items that he has misplaced and he is great at finding those that I misplaced.  

However, one of the gifts I got him was the Briiiinnnger (not sure of the appropriate number of i's and n's), which alerts him if he gets in his vehicle without his cell phone (it is done by blue tooth).  He got me a dongle to attach to my keys that has a transmitter that I can use to make the dongle beep and find the keys.  

We love each other very much but want to help each other find our own items!


jalaz77 jalaz77

There are a few I get here and there but the most annoying question is why did you spend so much at the store?? Ummm because I felt like it...are you effing serious is my question to him.

To the ladies whose hubby's never ask these questions, or even one I am sorry your hubby doesn't think he needs your help...it's meant to be fun not into a my hubby is a grown man debate.

kever... keversole

My DH does all of these except the diaper one. He has the baby all day so he gets his share of dirty diapers before he goes to work at night.  Plus he wears glasses and can barely see with out them. But they're always in the same spot when he can't find them..between the bed and the nightstand :)

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