Sex Confession: I Tried to Join the Mile High Club & Failed

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airplane wing"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

Forty-something-year-old Paula* and her husband Joe* were very excited to go on vacation together. The kids were staying with the grandparents, and they were Vegas bound, ready to soak in the heat, do some gambling, enjoy the spa services, and have sex. Yes, sex. Something Paula and Joe don't get to do that much because of their busy schedules and how someone is always tired when the other one is feeling frisky. They booked this week-long trip and couldn't wait to really enjoy each other. They really couldn't wait so they decided that their vacation should start as soon as they were airborne on the plane. And that meant they decided to have sex right there in section 3 of the plane. Paula will explain what happened next.

Having sex on a plane was not anything Joe and I have ever talked about. We're kind of boring sex people -- though maybe boring to others, it works just fine for us. The only thing we both wish we could change about our sex life is to have more of it. And that's what this vacation is all about. Well, sex and gambling and going to the spa and eating food without having to cook or clean up after five people and yeah having sex. We have three kids, so our sex life is hard to fit in between everything else. Which is the long-winded way of explaining why we walked on that plane, decided our vacation was NOW, and that we were going to have sex right then and there.

It was a night flight so it was dark. We were in our seats and making out like teenagers. It was exhilarating! We hadn't made out like that in years and years. Our hands were wandering and once Joe started pinching my nipples, it was on. I love that. So I had my hand on his penis, and he was getting close, so I whispered to him that maybe I should just sit on him really fast and no one would know. I was actually whispering it as I was slipping down my pants and getting ready to do it. That's when the stewardess came over.

She giggled. She was highly amused with our shenanigans. And she said in a joking stern tone, "Excuse me, I know this airplane is such a romantic place, but do you think you could wait until we land?" We were both so embarrassed!

This was a flight to Vegas -- they are often rowdy, so I'm sure she's seen this kind of thing before ... or worse. And the way she reacted to us was the best -- we could've gotten in big trouble.

We waited until we checked into our hotel to finish what we started. And in case you were wondering, we had a great vacation and just slept on the plane ride home.

What do you think of Paula's confession? Have you ever had sex on a plane? 


*Names have been changed.


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nonmember avatar Pilot-N-Command

FYI engaging in intercourse on a scheduled flight can be a federal crime in the US. You could get10 years and listed on a registered sex offender list.

The criminal component comes from disruptive behavior in not following crew directives.

Mommy... MommyMakingHome

I would never do it, but I say good for them! lol

nonmember avatar JustJ

Yes I am a member of the mile high club MANY times over. The only way to accomplish this is to have a quickie in the bathroom while he sits down or while both of ya'll are standing up in front of the mirror. No clothes off and you have to wear a skirt no panties. I would NEVER do it out in the cabin now that is just asking for trouble !!

Felip... FelipesMom

That flight attendant was AWESOME. Kudos to her for the giggle and the joking tone, and for getting you guys to behave WITHOUT making you want to die of embarassment!!! :o)

nonmember avatar Paul A'Barge

go into the bathroom and do it

nonmember avatar Paul A'Barge

your Facebook authentication is broken in Firefox Browser.

nonmember avatar joe

Go to Denver
have sex
you are now a member of the Mile High Club
now leave me alone, i am trying to get some sleep in the row next to you

nonmember avatar AnonyMouse

A LONG time ago, and very far away, we joined the Mile High Club in the mostly-deserted "business class" cabin of a 747. Coach was back aft, first class was up front, and business class on that airline was upstairs. The few other passengers who were aboard were mostly up forward and asleep, the cabin was dark, and we were WAY in the back row; nobody else within several rows. The flight attendants were up front with the businessmen, and we had the back third of the bus to ourselves. It would be risky today, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. :-)

nonmember avatar Mk

What a crazy lunatic!!!!!! Especially considering they had kids I would think they would be more conscious of the fact that there could have been minors on the flight! Anyone who would do that is really low class and deserves to be arrested. Also for those in the bathroom your selfish on top of it- what about the other people waiting to use the facilities?

Mygir... Mygirlsmum

Good for you Michelle and Hubby!  With 3 kids and a hectic lifestyle, that's awesome that you guys are still so into each other and want to put some fun into your sex life!  Big kudos!  However, I have to agree that the seat was not the best idea - obviously.  Alas, I am not a member of the "mile-high club" unless you could oral.  It's a lot easier ot get away with that and look inconspicuous.  They give you a pillow and blanket and a lot of people sleep with their head on their man's lap during long flights... But that feels like a hundred years ago now.  I hope if I'm ever married and have a busy day to day, I can keep the spark alive just like you and your husband!  By the way, I have to recommend an awesome book (I now give it to EVERYONE I know on their anniversary, LOL!) It's called "He Comes Next" but I can't recall the author.  Apparently it is the follow-up book to the original "She Comes First."  But I have to say, even from a single woman's standpoint, it's an incredible book!  Keep on keepin on girl!  Cheers!  (and better luck next time)

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