A Bad Credit Score Is a Good Reason to Dump a Guy

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credit reportBanking, buying a home, and even budgeting on a monthly basis aren't the only everyday things the Great Recession has changed forever. The dating scene has been seriously affected too. Nowadays, singles under 40 aren't so much concerned with "traditional priorities like a good job, shared interests, and physical chemistry" as much as -- get this -- a good credit score! (Preferably above 660.) And no, the news doesn't come courtesy of a cheesy commercial for FreeCreditReport.com. It's from The New York Times.

One dater in the story confessed that she was having a blast while out on a date with a dreamy guy ... that is, until he totally wrecked the moment by making sure her credit score passed his test. If it hadn't, well, that would have been a dealbreaker for him. And experts say credit scores are now "like the dating equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease test." Wow. 

Used to be not being on the same page with religious beliefs or professional goals could wreck your shot at a relationship! Now it's what's in your bank account and on your credit card. People are even looking for fiscally responsible love on sites like CreditScoreDating.com. Rough.

Then again, maybe it's not as crazy as it sounds to try to look exclusively for a partner who has their finances in shape. After all, if you want a serious relationship (aka marriage, kids, a roof over your collective heads, etc.), you need someone who is capable of building that with you. Not to mention that if someone's finances are good, you could probably safely assume they have a proven track record of stability and maturity. Hence they'll make better partners overall, right?

'Course this all sounds smart on paper, but it may not always translate or add up in real life. You could meet someone saddled with school debt who in a couple of years is going to be a high-paid doctor or lawyer, or someone whose credit score is in the dumper because they went broke helping their disabled parents pay hospital bills, or someone who was laid off for a long period of time due to reasons out of their control.

In other words, it's definitely wrong to give or not give someone a chance based strictly on a credit score. Just as it's totally wrong to use the method as a way to blatantly gold dig! But as one detail that could offer insight on a would-be life partner, asking that burning question -- "What's your credit score?" -- really isn't a bad idea at all.

How do you feel about your partner's -- or a potential partner's -- credit score? Could you ever see it being a dealmaker or breaker?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

It was low when we first got together and had this conversation now it's high. Mine is 50 higher ; ) this would be a dumb reason to dump someone. Ours was low cause we didn't have those responsibilities to raise our score. Look at why its low...is he 18 and going off to college or is it low at 55 yrs of age with credit card debt up the A?? People think low is bad, it depends on WHY its low.

nonmember avatar Tantor

There are quite a few women out there who have maxed out their credit cards, living from paycheck to paycheck, and yet still spend like crazy on frivolous stuff. They are trouble. They are a mess financially because they are a mess in every part of their life. Eventually, you will be drawn into that mess. Your first clue may be a profusion of Obama stickers. Run!

nonmember avatar Rational

So, it's acceptable, for the same reason, to dump a woman because she is too fat?

nonmember avatar JWH

If you ask somebody's credit score on the first date, then dump them, it's materialistic and presumptuous.

On the other hand, if you've been together with someone long enough that you're thinking of marrying them, then I don't think it's necessarily a bad question. After all, when you marry somebody, you're also marrying their finances and their credit history. So asking there is certainly in order.

Same deal if you're dating somebody and they're looking for your help to buy a house or a car.

nonmember avatar arlo

Tantor, You hit the nail on the head. An Obama bumper sticker would be a deal breaker with me.

nonmember avatar OffendedMan

So if it's OK to dump a man because of their sagging credit score, I guess it's OK to dump a woman because of their sagging bust? :)

nonmember avatar Semper Why

Oh, for pete's sake... it's the New York Times! Their standard for an "emerging social trend" article is that two of the author's friends have done it and mentioned it over cocktails one evening.

nonmember avatar Superficial

If the size of a man's credit score is now fair game, then so is the size of a woman's waist.

Be careful in what you advocate - I promise that men can be every bit as shallow.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I did't see anywhere that is specified to dump a MAN. It says anyone. And it's not only women who spend friviously.. I know plenty of men like that, too. But, I do agree with the Obama stickers ... :)

nonmember avatar Victor Erimita

A small bra size is a good reason to dump a girl.

Nah, I'm just kidding. It's wrong to make women into sex objects. It's fine to make men into success objects, though.

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