John Edwards & Rielle Hunter Are Apparently Having Lots of Loud Makeup Sex

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From the files of Ewwww TMI! comes this gag-worthy bit of gossip about disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards and his baby mama, Rielle Hunter. Please make sure you're not eating. Anyway, last we heard, Rielle and John had broken up, but apparently they're back together and having lots of loud, raucous makeup sex. So loud that their neighbors are complaining.

This info comes courtesy of The National Enquirer, so take it how you will. But remember it was this gossip rag that first let us know John was having an affair with Rielle, so as yucky sounding as this is, it might very well be true!

A source tells the Enquirer that the home he bought for Rielle and his daughter by her, Quinn, has "pretty much turned into his booze and sex romp hideaway." Soooo ... if John and Rielle are having sex loud enough to wake the neighborhood, then I presume little Quinn must be privy to it as well? Bleh. Let's hope the kid is a sound sleeper.

Hard to tell exactly where this booze-filled love shack is, but the Enquirer recently reported that John was buying Rielle a home right near him and his family in North Carolina. So does this loud-sex-having tidbit mean he bought her an apartment? Because you'd have to be pretty damn vocal to wake the neighbors in suburbia. But I get the feeling Rielle is a loud one, don't you?

As a city-dweller who has lived in apartments for the past decade, I can tell you there is nothing more annoying than a couple who simply must let everyone know that they're getting it on. Seriously, people. Manners!

We all love to hate on John and Rielle, but in reality, they do have a child together, so maybe we should all just forgive and forget and let these two love birds get on with their lives -- and their noisy lovemaking. But, guys, keep it down, will ya?  I just really hope they're not making another sex tape.

Do you think we should all let these two get on with their lives?

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purpl... purpleflower514

You should be embarrassed that you used National Enquirer as a source.

tuffy... tuffymama


Cel7777 Cel7777


Michele Fraser

I'm ashamed I voted for this ASSHOLE.

Patricia Ann

Where else is going to go for sex? Who else would want him?

Libris Fidelis

If John and Rielle are making so much noise that their neighbors can hear it, maybe John knows how to do it and Rielle is really enjoying being a woman! If so, wouldn't he make a great but adulterous president? Maybe the neighbors are jealous because theh haven't progressed oot of the 'misionary position'? I love the comment..." I just really hope they're not making another sex tape"! Maybe the neighbors need to start watching porn to learn a few things - even though there's far too much fake orgasming and far too much portrayed abuse that we all can do without (non-abusive pleasant bondage is okay)

nonmember avatar Bill Clinton

That's my boy, Johnny! Make sure that your dearly departed ex-wife, Elizabeth can hear you both humping each other HAAAAARRRRDDDDD from beyond the grave!!! Yay fer the both of ya! Unfortunately, Hillary's been sidelined with "medical" problems due to all the violent old geezer sex we've been having... ^_^

nonmember avatar Hugh Mungous

Meh. I want to see the sex tape. Rielle Hunter (née Lisa Druck) isn't bad looking -- she's had work done, of course. And supposedly Edwards is hung like a moose.

nonmember avatar Chris

National Enquirer is one of the most reliable publications in America, far more reliable than any broadsheet newspaper. Yes, really. The last time they got anything seriously wrong was with Carol Burnett. That was a very long time ago.

nonmember avatar LordJiggy

No embarrassment using National Enquirer as a source. They are now the standard of journalistic integrity for publishing the story that the rest of the State-Supporting Media knew about but wouldn't touch lest the damage Brand Democrat. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the current state of journalistic "integrity."

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