Students' Mistletoe Kissing Prank Makes for Adorable Christmas Fun (VIDEO)

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A couple of college students got together to film a playful prank in which they asked participants about their Christmas traditions. They were asked if they were married or single (hey -- it’s a very relevant question on the BYU campus) and if they strung Christmas lights, drank eggnog, left cookies for Santa, etc. Then they were asked if they did the "mistletoe" tradition -- you know, the kissing one.

Then from off-camera, a piece of mistletoe is lowered over their heads! Talk about being put on the spot! (And who said Mormons were prudes?) Watch what happens next ...

The reactions from both the guys and the girls are hysterical, from one young woman slapping the male questioner and running away to the dudes all too happy to lock lips with the lovely lady prankster. One guy even says, "Best survey I’ve ever taken," after stealing a kiss.

It’s not only college students getting in on the fun though -- an older couple sneaks a turn under the mistletoe for a smooch, and an adorable baby makes an appearance. How do you make an already cute-beyond-words video even sweeter? Add grandparents and babies. Everybody say, "Awwww!"

Do you kiss under the mistletoe?


Image via Stuart Edge/YouTube

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Rosem... RosemaryFrancis

That was really cute and funny too.  Great idea. 

Ben Franklin

It kind of restores your faith that most people are pretty decent. Except for that one woman who needed assault charges filed against her for slapping that guy. I am not sure what her problem was. Maybe he leaned in too soon.

tuffy... tuffymama

Wow! All I can think is, "that's a lotta germs being passed around!" Looking back, I'm surprised I wasn't sick more often in school. We all kissed each other all the time. Blecch! LOL.

2boys... 2boys9yrsapart

SOMEBODY just got herpes.......

Angie... AngieHayes

So cute, what a nice videio, except for the girl who slapped him, not cool.

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