Men Just Can't Help Waiting Until Christmas Eve to Do Their Shopping

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Christmas tree and presentsIf men were smart, they'd do all of their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Yes, fighting the insane crowds all jacked-up on caffeine. Trust me, it's better than the usual alternative.

See, here's a little secret: guys suck at shopping. We hate it. We're not good at it and because of all that, we pretty much put it out of our minds.

"Thanksgiving's here? Bah. There's plenty of time to get my wife a present." Rinse and repeat.

Suddenly, it's Christmas Eve and you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to find a store that's open. And then when you do find one, good luck hunting down a retailer that actually isn't sold out on the one item you know your wife would go absolutely nuts for.

Sure you can order things online, but again, guys wait until the last minute and when express shipping costs $25, that's when you put the mouse down and head to the mall.

I've personally never had to worry about Christmas Eve shopping panics, but that's only because I'm Jewish. If I celebrated Christmas, I just know I'd be one of those men frantically pacing around a drugstore looking for something better than a vaporizer to buy for my wife.

I do it every year for my wife's birthday and Hanukkah too. I wait until it's too late to order online and then when there's only a day or two left, I head out to the local mall and literally spend hours going from store to store to store.

One year, I was so flustered, I ended up going into Hallmark and buying up a few nice picture frames. Then I went next door to Yankee Candle and lost an hour and a half of my life. My wife loves candles, so I figured that'd make a nice gift. But, oh geez, there are soooo many scents, which one would she like best?

I literally changed my mind 20 times that night and eventually grabbed a handful of pillars, including a "Birthday Cake" one. Candles and picture frames. Was I shopping for my wife or getting a bunch of Secret Santa gifts?

Needless to say, the gifts didn't go over all that well. She smiled and said, "Oh. Candles. That's nice." And then she proceeded to "teach me" about gift giving to the mother of my children.

Have I learned my lesson? Yes. Will I wait till the last minute again? Most likely. It's just in guys' nature.

But I'll tell you one thing: I'll never buy another candle or picture frame again!

What's the worst gift your husband or significant other ever bought you?

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Craig Myers

I'd normally expect this kind of BS from a woman who loves to milk male stereotypes for a quick laugh "between the girlfriends" bordering on male-bashing. I could let that run off my shoulders; it's girl talk. But guys like you should not assume that all men are inept at, or hate shopping. Hello, there were many men shopping on Black Friday, and who cares if the majority of those shoppers are women? Really! Wake up man, you're not funny, and this is the 21st Century. Leave your shtick back there with Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz, kapish?

Allis... AllisonWD

I personally enjoy all of your articles. Anywho, one year for my birthday, my husband got me shampoo. Because I "needed it." It wasn't even the kind I use! It will always be something we laugh about. This year, I made a wish list on Amazon, told him it is FOOL PROOF, this is what I want. Pick something off of here, order by this day, and wrap it up for Christmas -- that way, it's something I want, but still has the element of surprise. Terrible, probably, but necessary unless he wants to waste money on more shampoo.

tuffy... tuffymama

The only gift I truly did not like that I received from a guy was a ring. It was a heart shaped diamond. Real. But it looked cheap. It was a nice sentiment, though. XH and DH have always given me nice gifts. My VERY straight, very manly brother has a history of giving his wife the most wonderful, sentimental gifts, that take thought and planning, so there's no Christmas Eve panic there. I kind of agree with Craig, but I think he missed the point that mean are frequently inept at choosing gifts for their women because the old feminist movement effectively emasculated two full generations of men, and now most of us don't even know how to treat/approach/show what we expect of the opposit sex.

tuffy... tuffymama

*that MEN are frequently

butte... butterflyfreak

I guess I'm pretty lucky as my husband always takes some thought and care in to choosing my gifts. I'm the one who sucks in the gift-giving department. LOL

the4m... the4mutts

While I believe that this stereotype is complete nonsense *because men have given me wonderful gifts durring my lifetime, especially my dad* my s/o fits right in here. He's horrible at gift buying, and even if I tell him what I want, including the color, brand, where to buy it, he never gets it. I have gotten very few gifts from him. One time, he bought me an incredibly overpriced digital camera (that I still don't like 4 yrs later) because he accidently broke the one I already had. The only similarity it had to my old one, was the color. It sucks, and I hate it. The only other gift he ever got me, get this: I asked for a CD player for my car, with an MP3 outlet, in case I ever wanted an MP3 player. What did I get? An MP3 player. Why did it suck? For 1, it was the most expensive one they had, and played video too. I HATE unnessecary add ons to my technology. For 2, I don't have a computer! How the hell am I ever going to download songs onto it? I have tons of CDs, and no CD player though. 2 years have gone by, he's not gotten me a single gift in that time, and I still can't use the MP3 player.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Wow. You seem like a very picky lady, mutts.

the4m... the4mutts

No, I'm not picky at all. But I do think that if you're going to buy someone only 2 gifts, in 5 years, that they should be something the person can actually use. I'm not tech savy, so extra bells and whistles only get in my way and make things harder for me to navigate & use.

And if you break something that belongs to someone else, you should let them pick their replacement.

I've bought him a dozen gifts, and all but 1, were fantastic gifts, and he never had to ask for them, because I paid attention when he really hovered over a certain tool in the store, or goes"oh, that's so cool" about something he saw on tv. I'm a great gift buyer, and all I expect in return is to get me something I can actually use.

Todd Vrancic

This is why I always ask for lists.  That gives me an idea of what to get for people.  My rule is that a list must be at least ten items long, so even if I cannot find what is actually on the list, I can find something similar that the recipient would like.

That said, my wife has forbidden me to buy clothes for her unless she is there, because she says that the clothes I buy her are too small.

nonmember avatar chelsea

My boyfriend of 5 years bought me socks, pots and pans, a knife set and gave me a shotgun that he keeps in the closet.... Lol

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