10 Understandable Ways to Get Revenge on Your Cheating Husband (VIDEO)

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Oh, those South American babes are so hot blooded! Especially if you're caught cheating on them. One woman was so irate when she discovered her husband was having an affair that she took a hammer to his car. And not only that, she did it in skin tight jeans and high heels. Hot mama! She really did a number on his car, smashing it repeatedly, in full view of dozens of onlookers who hooted, hollered, took pictures (and video), and cheered her on. According to one commenter who helpfully translated some of the Brazilian crowd's comments, people were shouting, "Good for her, he deserves that and more! Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!"

But is it ever really okay to get even like this?

Maybe it's not okay, but who doesn't feel for this woman? Does anyone really feel bad for the car, or the jerk who drives it? Not really. Here are 10 things we'd understand if you did to a cheating ex. (Not saying it's OKAY mind you, but well, we won't cry about it.)

Call up the woman he's cheating with. I'm not saying you should bitch at her, because maybe she didn't know he was married. But letting her know what's going on? And if she already knows, giving her a piece of your mind? Why not? (As long as you only do it once and don't make threats -- which can get you arrested.)

Get rid of some personal things. What? I don't know where they are!

Slash his tires. So old school.

Break into his Match.com account. And change his profile to warn other women that he's a cheater.

Scrawl "I hope she was worth it!" on his car. Not unique, but still eye-catching. Just don't get caught.

Throw his clothes onto the front lawn. Make sure you do it from the second floor -- makes it that much more dramatic.

Send herpes meds to the girlfriend. With a note saying, "Here, you might need these." Tee hee.

Defriend on Facebook. Seriously, now is the time.

Throw a drink in his face. An oldie but goodie.

Cheaters. Sign up for that TV show and catch him red-handed with some cameras along for the ride.

In all seriousness, when you take revenge, it can backfire in unpredictable ways. It can also make you look bad. Yeah, that's unfair. He's the one cheating, but you're the one who ends up looking bad. But that's life. Even this Brazilian hottie might regret her actions one day -- her explosive temper is now on the Internet for eternity. (Though judging by the amount of male commenters who want to marry her, this might not be such a bad thing.)

I'm not recommending you do any of these things. (Except the defriending one.) But, hey, if you do them, I won't feel bad for your ex. Meanwhile, here's the woman smashing her two-timing husband's car. Funny, criminally insane, or a little of both?

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shawn... shawnypooh4

Don't do any of the above at all!!!!! The writer will get you F'd up!!!! Just leave if your not willing to forgive and forget!!

Miche... Michelephant

You could get arrested for a lot of these things and, if you are going to get a divorce it could go badly because you decided to bash his windows in.

kisse... kisses5050

my friend took fish and hid down in the back seat of his girlfriends car....oh the hot sun had fun with that...

I did help a freind take allllllll of his girlfriends clothes to the drycleaners.. every last piece... to different ones all around town... he then left the claim tickets  taped to the bathroom mirror..."I hope you can look at yourself.. hope the cleaners can the stink out of your clothes from all the shit you put me throiugh"


Amand... Amanda0712

My ex husband cheated on me. I did call the girl he was with. She did know that he was married. I told her that I didn't blame her entirely but that I still thought she was a whore. I seriously debated on damaging his car. But I didn't do it. The day I left, I took one of our wedding pictures and ripped it in half. Left it with a note that said "I hope she was worth it."


My DH's ex trashed his house before she moved out with the kids.  In February.  Leaving all the doors and windows and the fridge wide open.  Food on the walls.  Picture frame glass smashed and left on the floor.  All his clothing strewn everywhere.  His electric bill was over $500 that month because of her.  Normally it was $100.  And I'd like to point out it was HER having the affair and HER wanting the divorce and still she did this (she was horked off because DH had never put her name on the house as it was his before the marriage, so the judge refused to give it to her).

He told me about this when we met (he had pics to prove what she had done).  And by that time I'd met her and seen some of the crap she'd pull, so there was no question she was malicious.  However, she has no idea of the number of ways we got back at her and cost her money over the years for that piece of crap she decided to pull.  At let me tell you, it ultimately cost her WAY more than $500 (in lots of little ways).  And she deserved every penny of it!

Emily Pope

Best way is not to get caught by following cheating website Undercover Lovers' rules of successful philandering:
1. Never cheat within your social or work circles.
2. Use a separate mobile phone, computer and credit card to conduct your affair
3. Don't cheat with anyone who lives closer than a 20 mile radius to your home and don't meet them in your'hood either
4. See your affair partner only a couple of times per month and at the same time/day each month
5. Don't fall in love with them!

nonmember avatar molly

eh, as long as you're willing to own up to the consequences of smashing the car, smash away

nonmember avatar Tom

You sound like a bunch of criminals.

nonmember avatar pam

....HA!!! You people have never met a pissed off woman like me. I dont feel at all bad about the things I have done to his girlfriend, Christy bell sumrall. First of all she is a big fat ugly woman....why do men choose to cheat with ugly woman??? ANYWAY. When I found out about her was a text that said " I love you too" on my husbands phone. I got my husband up OUT of bed and asked who the F is Christy bell sumrall? I listened to him try to cover his butt for a minute then I called her.....I let her k ow I wouldn't kill her but, I WOULD MAKE HER WISH SHE WAS DEAD! then I intelled her husbands name on Google: its real easy and only cost .99 cents: I called him and told him e everything, I gave him my husband's phone number and sat beside him as her husband called. ...I made him put it on speaker phone, her husband was furious at my husband. Did I stop there? NO I DID NOT! I called her job. ...which is selling houses, and told them she tried to have sex with me and my husband while she was showing a house to us. HA! she got fired. Then I called her mother in law...her pastor....and everyone on facebook. You see people....there are WOMEN like me out there that will do FAR WORSE than what I did to Christy bell sumrall!!! Actually I told her I would take her into the woods tie her to a tree, make her bleed and wait for the coyotes to Come eat her while I watch. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO DATE A MARRIED MAN BECAUSE THERE JUST MIGHT BE A "PAM" WAITING TO CATCH YOU.

nonmember avatar CJ Loveday

I really hope that anyone reading this will realize that harassment, assault, and vandalism can GET YOU ARRESTED or worse. My aunt was murdered for throwing things at the woman my uncle cheated on her with.

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