Woman Who Was Sexually Aroused All the Time Commits Suicide (VIDEO)

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Ask anyone what it would be like to be sexually aroused 24/7 and to be capable of having 50 orgasms in a row, and they'd prolly be all, Woo hoo. That'd be amazeballs! Bring it ON! But the truth is, it's pure hell. And one poor woman who actually had this condition, called Persistent Gential Arousal Disorder, was so miserable that she tragically committed suicide right after telling the press about her problem.

Sixteen years ago, Gretchen Molannen was living a normal life. But then the healthy young woman suddenly came down with the affliction of being sexually aroused. All. The. Time. Gretchen, who had to masturbate for long stretches to alleviate her discomfort, and who once orgasmed 50 times in a row ("I thought I was going to die"), couldn't work or live a normal life anymore. And she found the condition so awful and so shameful that she tried suicide three times before finally killing herself.

The really sad part is that she'd just told her story to a local newspaper and other women had come forward asking to talk to Gretchen about their own disorder.

Doctors were not able to pinpoint what might have sparked the affliction and nothing, including ice packs, had been able to alleviate it. Being in a state of arousal is generally considered a nice sensation, but too much of a good thing can turn it into a nightmare. Gretchen told The Tampa Bay Times:

I can't even stop to get a drink of water. And you're in so much pain. You're soaking in sweat. Every inch of your body hurts.

And, sadly, Gretchen dropped hints that about what she might do:

This isn’t living. I think about suicide all the time. It doesn’t mean I want to do it ... I don’t want to do that. I want to enjoy life. I used to love life ... I had a great life and I could have a wonderful life, but this has destroyed it.

It's horrific that Gretchen wasn't able to get any more help with this issue. I wonder if there was any doctor, anywhere, who could have helped. Better to have NO sexual arousal than have it all the time. What a terrible thing to endure. At least Gretchen didn't continue to hide her condition in shame, and maybe other women will benefit from that.

Had you ever heard of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder?

Image via Tampa Bay Times

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annis... annismom10

I would think botox?? That's supposed to help when sex is painful

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Why didn't she look into medical procedures?! What about a clitorectomy? 

nonmember avatar Sandy

Sad story. By the way prolly is not a word, but probably is a word.

nonmember avatar Jim

I should have been married to her. My wife didn't really get aroused at all.

Felip... FelipesMom

@JIm, what a selfish insensitive comment. You wish you could have benefitted sexually from this woman's condition, when it was so miserable for her that she ended up taking her life?!? Shame on you!

As for this, now, I had never heard of this condition. Hopefully the silver lining to this tragedy will be more awareness, and perhaps people who are suffering in silence will be able to get treatment. Still, the silver lining in no way outweighs the tragedy. I am sorry this happened. 

Also, I won't berate this woman for not getting help in the form of ideas off the top of my head, partly because I don't know anything about this condition. (And partly because, even if I did, how insensitive is that!). I am sure she looked into other options before ever considering suicide. Perhaps the treatments were too expensive/painful/intense? Or simply unavailable where she lives? I don't know, so I will not pass judgment.

Felip... FelipesMom

PS prolley IS a word. The author used it, and we understood it. That's the definition of a word, pretty much. Is it standard English? No. Do I care? No. Is it ever appropriate to use nonstandard English in a blog? Well, that's more of a subjective question, but my answer is HELL YES.

Austin Keenan

There's a lot of medications that unintentionally decrease sex drive and satisfaction so I'm surprised they couldn't find anything at all that would help her. Maybe they didn't realize how serious it was getting for her so didn't get to the point of considering extreme measures.

mason... masonmomma

So sad. And @ Jim. Your wife probably didnt have a sex drive because you are an asshole. My god men are so dumb sometimes.

Vinta... VintageWife

I stopped reading at "amazeballs." Kiri is now voted into my top 3 worst 'Stir' writers of all time. It's the second article of hers in a row where she used words like "skeeves" and "amazeballs." Where in the world do these people come from that this is considered appropriate for printed public media?

Valerie Valle

Prolly isnt a word. Laziness is

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