California College Student Reveals All the Kinky Places She Had Sex on Campus

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UC Berkeley campus
Hey, college is pretty damn expensive, so it's a good thing that college kids are getting so much sex. Wait, what?! Yeah, I know college kids have sex. This isn't news. I went to college, ya know. But who knew what was going on at one of the country's most prestigious universities, University of California at Berkeley? One student, Nadia Cho, has blown the lid (so to speak) off the campus's sexual hijinks -- including sex in the library. Oh, you crazy kids, you. I hope mom and dad aren't killing themselves to pay for your education.

Nadia, who is a columnist for the college's paper (and will no doubt grow up to be a sex blogger), wrote all about her sexual encounters on campus(sy). She helpfully details which buildings are good for which type of sexual contact. To wit:

The library: Sex is best in the stacks. You can stand on some empty shelves and have vertical sex. Cho admits she likes a man who can "f*ck well standing up." I mean, isn't this what we're all looking for in a man?! She suggests doing the dirty in an unpopular books stack like the British Royal Academy archives. (Someone might want to clean up in aisle 11!)

The classrooms: Classrooms in something called the "dungeons of Moffitt" (must be the basement of Moffitt Library, though perhaps a Berkeley grad can correct me if I'm wrong) are perfect for "loud ass-slapping sex."

The Wurster Building: This is where our heroine walks around classrooms in lingerie and writes dirty things on the chalkboards.

Naughty Nadia ends her column with: "Our school is a predominantly safe and accepting space with many places, people, and resources to help you discover your sexual self."

Hm, JUST what parents are looking for when they come for a campus tour! Hey, do you think Nadia will be getting a $55,000 bill from dear old mom and dad for the holidays? And do you really, really feel sorry for the Berkeley janitors?

Did you have a lot of sex in college? Would you send your kid to UC Berkeley?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

As long as she doesn't get caught by an administrator and she's keeping her grades up, then right on!! it's always fun and exciting to mix things up a bit.

nonmember avatar guest

UC Berkeley sounds like a regular STD factory! Id be afraid at getting something off a doorknob at this liberal institution of lower learning.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

There are some things that really need to be kept private. That's honestly disgusting and she should get her act together.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Most colleges actually have magazines that are separate from the official school paper that have very explicit articles such as this one. They are meant to be humorous and satirical. 

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Well, I just realized that this was in Berkeley's mainstream paper....Not that I'm surprised. This school has a rep for being sort of...out there.

Jessy Roos

I'm failing to see the connection between the cost of an education at Berkeley and the frequency of sex this woman is having, even if she were having it all in her bed. The only thing to be concerned about would be her academic performance and I doubt that is affected by her sex life. Good for her for being adventurous and open and helping to take some of the taboos out of sex.

Shawndra Martinez

Actually, if she was caught, she could be charged with a crime.  A sex crime means she can NEVER get a job as a teacher or any other job that has laws about hiring people with a criminal record of sex crimes.  So this may seem like fun and games now, but there could be some big time consequences.  I am a UCB alumn and it was a sex crazed place 25 yrs ago.  I'm not surprised it still is.  BTW, still married to my college squeeze and we had some fun on THAT campus.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

Where to have sex on campus/having sex on campus was definitely in our student newspaper a few times over the course of 4 years at an elite East Coast (liberal) bastion of hell. Do a quick Google search; it will yield thousands of articles exactly the same as Ms. Cho's -- down to the language and the hotspots. And really, if you're caught, it's hardly even a slap on the wrist. No need to try to shame her. And what does being a good student worthy of academic funding from parents or otherwise have to do with sexuality?

"You have too much sex, so you obviously don't take your education seriously. Only virginal angels saving themselves for procreative post-marriage sex deserve an excellent education."

That is what I understood from this post. 

BGarcel BGarcel

Having sex in college =/= wasting parent's or college scholarship money. And since she is a columnist for a mainstream college paper, I assume her academic performance is above average.

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