10 Reasons Taylor Swift Needs to Learn How to Be Single

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harry styles and taylor swiftSome women hate being single. Who am I kidding. A lot of women hate being single. It's certainly an understandable feeling, especially during the holidays. It's nice having someone to snuggle up to on these chilly winter nights. But for many, it's much more serious than that. There are plenty of ladies out there who literally feel incomplete without a man in their lives. You know the type, they go from one relationship to another, always with a guy by her side.

Taylor Swift certainly provides a good example of this. She loves being in love. So much so, there is barely a breather between the old and the next love of her life. Her latest fling with One Direction's Harry Styles started just a couple weeks after news that her romance with Conor Kennedy crashed and burned. It’s like she has to have a man in her life no matter what. But I say these serial monogamists are missing out on some seriously single-minded fun. There are plenty of benefits to flying solo. Check them out!

  1. Doing what you want when you want. When you are constantly coupled up, every activity and outing is a compromise, especially if you like different things. Enjoy the fact you don't have to beg your Quentin Tarantino-fanatic ex to go see a cheesy rom-com. Just do you.
  2. Complete control over the remote. How great is it that you don't have to argue over what to watch. No one hogging up the tube with football, baseball, basketball, or any other sport. Now you are free to watch that Real Housewives marathon any time you want.
  3. Not having to clean up after someone else. After all, it's like the guy never heard of the concept of putting his dishes in the sink. Relish the fact that you have half the housework now that he's gone.
  4. Not being annoyed about his Neanderthal friends. Will you really miss that old college buddy who times his belches?
  5. Girl time. Don't you miss ladies' night? Now you don't have to feel guilty about time away with your best buds.
  6. Getting to know yourself. A lot of women adopt whatever habits and hobbies their boyfriends have. Spending time alone lets you focus on your own wants and needs.
  7. Spending quality time with your family. How great it is not to worry about spending Christmas with his mother. Besides, you never thought she liked you anyway. No one is good enough for her prince!
  8. Freedom to move. When a great job up comes up across the country, you can entertain the idea without loads of guilt.
  9. You can be spontaneous. If a girlfriend calls up and asks you to take a last-minute weekend trip, you can go without having to check in with anyone.
  10. You can shamelessly flirt. Admit it, there is something ridiculously fun about flirting with a hot guy at the grocery store. Bat those lashes and bite that lip guilt-free.

What are other benefits of being single?

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Anna Potts

here is a reason so she can shut up about her ex's

Kate Cooley

Anyone who dates her now has to know they'll be in a song on the next album.


Austin Keenan

Or... she could act like a lot of celeb singles and....

1-hang out in clubs half dressed so we can group judge her for that 

2-show us her boobs,  butt and vagina regularly so we can group judge her for that

3-make a sex tape so that we could reward her for that by watching her tv show,   buying her products,   reading about her every day

4-drive drunk and gosh,  occassionally hit somebody so we can share how we all know how it's not going to end well every day

5-alternate between going to rehab and court so we can whine about having to read about that every day

6-use the f-bomb a whole lot more because she's just to goody two shoes if she doesn't.   Seriously,  who doesn't do that?!


Austin Keenan

I forgot 7 - have kids with some loser and lose custody to him because her last braincells are dedicated to her addiction to drugs/alcohol

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