Sex Lessons Taught by Real, Live Adult Film Stars in San Francisco

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It really shouldn't surprise me by now that you can sign up for sex lessons from bona fide porn stars in San Francisco to learn tips and tricks for how to get your jollies and pleasure your mate. After all, this is the 50 Shades of Grey era, when people openly read erotica in public, and Harvard officially recognizes a BDSM club as a campus group.

But there’s just such an aura of "ick" surrounding the idea. It sounds like a bad sitcom plot in which one of the main male characters gets tricked into a compromising position against his will. "They told me it was going to be an educational class!" he unwittingly will tell his wife after being caught with a porn star.

On the other hand, these are consenting adults on both sides of the stage. This isn't a college class full of freshmen who are practically bullied into watching a live sex toy demonstration. The "instructors" even make participants listen to them teach before they get to the physical part.

"They have to sit through a lecture before we get to the good stuff," says porn star actress Rain DeGray. "We do techniques, physical response, and have a question-and-answer period before moving on to the demonstrations."

I bet there are probably some dudes who could use the guidance, but I still have reservations about the whole concept. Call me a prude, but I think sex should be between two people who want to share and celebrate their love. I don’t think someone needs a class to be good in bed -- they just need to listen to their partner to figure out what he or she likes. Everyone is different anyway, so while the mechanics may be similar from couple to couple, everyone has things they like and don’t like.

No sex class can teach you how much foreplay your lady wants, or how she likes it once you get down to serious business.

This class may sell itself as educational, but it seems like an excuse for voyeurism.

Have you ever attended an educational sex class? Would you?

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Cel7777 Cel7777

My first thought is ick, my second thought is that I really don't care. I probably would never go to one of these lesson/demonstrations, but it's not gonna keep me up at night if someone else does. There are far worse perversions out there, many that victmize others. This does not. As far as sex stuff goes, if it's between consenting adults, it doesn't concern me.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My first thought is: Just because they're porn stars doesnt mean they're good in bed. I mean, if you want to learn to choreograph your love making, then sure! lol

BGarcel BGarcel

Yes I would probably attend a class like this and I'm a happily married mother of two. I wouldn't need the class but it's not the point. The point is that this is a way for those nervous about sex to learn in an educational setting instead of learning from porn.

When I first started dating my husband, I couldnt last long giving him oral sex before I started getting tired and sore. I had only given oral sex 4 times before and it didn't help that he is the biggest I ever had. But I loved him and tried and tried and tried. 2 years after I finally bought a dvd on fellatio. That dvd taught techniques, physical responses, and had an FAQ section. Guess what? After some practice, I finally gave him an orgasm through oral sex and I didn't get tired or sore doing it!

Your partner can only tell you so much when it comes to sex. My husband didn't know that he would respond really well to some of the techniques on that dvd so how would he know to tell me? We believe we know a lot about our sexual bodies, but many of us don't either because of inexperience or ignorance.

And of course the dvd said that your guy might not like this or that and any good sex class would say the same.
We're not born knowing how to give or receive awesome sex. That is learned through experience.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

There is a weird and unrealistic expectation some people have about sex being like what they see in pornography and what they read in Cosmo. Communication, as you've said, is key to happiness in the sack (on the table, kitchen floor, library stacks, etc.). I do think classes like this can give someone a confidence boost, though, which is really all a lot of people need. 

Hey Jenny, I actually liked this post. This has never happened before. 

tuffy... tuffymama

Oh, California. SMH.

EcoErin EcoErin

Sex should be between two people who love and care for each other?

Sorry disagree there, I have had amazing sex without being in a committed relationship. Your statement is very prude and delusional. You can have great sex in and out of a committed relationship, and trust me some men would benefit from lessons.

My husband and I would love to attend this, it would be informational, and a fun turn on for us. We would then go home and try a few things out.

nonmember avatar Mandy

I don't understand the problem with people going to go and educate themselves about sex and giving sexual pleasure. I understand questioning the ability of porn stars to be teachers. But this is about education in a place where people are there to teach you. If they were having sex with people to show them how to have good sex maybe, but this is just a class about sex and how to give pleasure and different techniques on how to give pleasure. Sex between two people who love each other is a nice idea but if you are not educated about pleasure and how to give it, why not learn from a class.

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