Dating Site Promises to Help You Find the Liberal (or Conservative) of Your Dreams (VIDEO)


red state date
She's a LIBERAL?!?
Quick, what is the one thing that divides us all as a nation? The one thing you simply couldn't tolerate in a future boyfriend or husband? Could it be... POLITICS?!?

After all the bitterness, the angry Facebook fighting, the friendships ruined over the 2012 presidential election it has all come to this: Online dating sites that match you according to your politics. No really -- this is happening. Red State Date and Blue State Date are two new sites that help filter out all those crazy whack jobs from the other side.

C'mon, admit it. These are the online dating websites we deserve.

I don't mean that in a good way. It's sad, but true. We have become so divided, so politically polarized, that we may actually need something like this. You could consider it a way to prevent future fights.

Anyway, the ads for these respective sites are hilarious and also scarily accurate. This pretty much is how I'd react if someone told me the cute guy I'd just met was actually a gun totin' conservative.

And check out the Red State Date ad. A man comforts his friend after revealing that the girl he's been dating is a liberal: A tofu-eating, Dennis Kucinich-voting, Greenpeace-volunteering liberal. That little bit of homophobia at the end of the ad pretty much nails it. (Hey, it's subtle!)

But of course we're way more complex than that. I'd be fine with a fiscal conservative (yes, really, even though I think fiscal conservatism is delusional) as long as he was a social liberal. But I have to admit, while a guy's conservative politics may be a deterrent, liberal politics aren't much of a selling point, either. When I see an online profile that screams "feminist liberal!" I'm turned off.

Maybe I consider liberal politics kind of a given for my social milieu (New York City professionals). Maybe I think guys who are hyper-political are going to spend the whole evening ranting and preaching (boring!). Maybe I don't want to spend my dinner nodding and saying "yeah!" Maybe I want to talk about something else. Maybe if a guy SAYS he's a feminist it's not because he really is one, it's because he thinks that's what we want to hear and he's too cheap to treat and too lazy to hold open a door.

So I don't know. I think I'll keep doing my own filtering for now. But maybe these two online dating sites are just the wake-up call we need to rein in the partisan frenzy a wee bit.

Do you think online sites that match you by your politics are a good idea? Is this something you'd try?


Image via Red State Date/YouTube

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Austin Keenan

hmmmmm....   liberal = mushy wus    conservative = clueless redneck

I'd pass on both.   Glad I met hubby before these match sites became "necessary",   now it seems like a miracle that we lucked onto each other.  

sugar... sugarmansmom

I prefer an intelligent person of any political affiliation.  That said, there are some women on here who don't even believe in having a civil conversation with someone of a differing opinion so, yeah...

nonmember avatar Tanstaafl2

If I was single, I'd give RedStateDate a try (if I was liberal, I'd be trying out the blue state site even if I was married - why have such a conservative concept as marriage vows interfere with my hooking up) I've even suggested to the NRA that running a dating site for members would be a good idea.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I see no problem with a dating site like that. People should have complimentary views whether they be political, religious, etc. As a conservative I wouldn't want to be with a liberal. Also, I couldn't see the video but I'm sure the part about being a homophobe was actually something expressing their support for traditional marriage, which DOES NOT make you a homophobe.

nonmember avatar Ingeborg

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