Mom Works as a Sex Phone Operator While Her Kids Are Asleep in the Next Room (VIDEO)


Times are tough and money is tight in a lot of households right now. One mom has figured out how to earn extra cash -- and quite a lot of it -- by staying home and working the phones. The sex line phones, to be precise. This anonymous mom (but do you recognize her voice, fellas?) on CafeMom Studios' Coffee Shop Confessions reveals that she works from home as a phone sex operator -- with her two kids sleeping soundly in the next room. She tells them that after they go to bed is the time that mommy "pays the bills." That's one way of putting it!

Sex phone mom's husband knows about her "other life," and she says she makes more money in three hours than hubby earns in a full day. The kids, obviously, have no idea what's going on -- so she thinks. Kids are pretty smart and can pick up on a lot of stuff.

The panel is split on this one. Simon says "money is money," and as long as the adults in the house know how the bills are getting paid, the kids don't need to know. Tia -- who makes her own confession about an ex-husband -- says the mom's late night auditory seductions could be the "gateway" to her eventually cheating. And Julia waffles a bit -- saying she would never do it, nor does she think it's right, but that if the family is in this much financial trouble that it's the wife's only option, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

I tend to go with Julia. It wouldn't be right for me -- but if the bills were piled high, it's better than ignoring them. In fact, it's better than slaving away at a diner while leaving the kids with a sitter, and probably earning half of what this mom is earning breathing heavy on the phone to strangers. However, as the kids get older, this is a job she won't be able to keep secret for long. And that kind of easy money gets addictive.

And, yeah, you do have to wonder if this will affect their marriage at all. Maybe it's somewhat of a turn-on for now -- but what about when that same guy keeps calling over and over and over ... ? Tough call.

What do you think? Would you ever take a job like this?

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

You gotta do what you gotta do. As long as all the adults in the house are ok with it and the kids don't overhear it, then I don't see a problem with it.

nonmember avatar shelly

I can't have any respect for a "mother" who works in the sex industry.Gross. Get a real, self respecting job. Two, if you have to. Anything, to not set this example for your children. Oh, and STOP having children, if you can't afford them. Geez.

Sarahm24 Sarahm24

@shelly yes it's the sex industry but at least she's not having actual sex. she probably had her kids before she started this job. Even though she does this at least she's home and can spend time with her kids instead of have to work two jobs that pay minimum wage, no benefits, and hardly spending time with her kids. Yeah she's probably not proud of what she does but at least she can help support her family.

Felip... FelipesMom

Who the hell cares how she's making money? She's not endangering her kids, it's not illegal (and shouldn't be!), and she's not keeping secrets from anyone. (Anyone who has a right to know, I mean - obviously she probably isn't broadcasting this to the world, but it's no one's business but hers and her husband's). There is nothing wrong with sex phone work, imo. Good for her! You go mama!!

Felip... FelipesMom

@shelly - 1. she CAN afford kids, 2. she has no obligation to find a job that some random person on the internet (you!) considers respectable, and 3. she isn't setting any example for her children

@the phone sex mom: YOU GO GIRL! :o)

Erin Kull

oh come the prudes again!!!! Repeat after is not evil, sex makes you feel good, you will not go to hell for having sex....This lady isn't doing anything illegal and her husband knows. She probably makes more money than most of us. Good for her!!! And she is at home with her children.

CPN322 CPN322

I think its better she have this job and be able to spend time with her children and ya know raise them, than having to work multiple crappy jobs as Shelly suggested and not be able to be around for them. If her husband didn't know, that would be shady, but since he does, what is the problem???

CPN322 CPN322

I can't have any respect for an overly judgemental person.

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