Petraeus Scandal Didn't Happen Because Men Are Powerless Against Beautiful Women

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petraeusUnless you've graduated with honors from Soap Opera University, your head's probably still spinning from the whole Petraeus affair. I know mine is.

So the head of the CIA, David Petraeus, had an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. And she had a hissy fit over some other woman named Jill Kelley who she thought was having an affair with Petraeus. Oh, and a different general was infatuated with Kelley. This is not including the FBI agent who was investigating the case who sent Kelley topless photos of himself ... Seriously. You just can't make up stuff like this!

Now, sex scandals are nothing new in politics. They've probably been going on since George Washington's first day in office. It's bad enough this guy betrayed his wife, but for the life of me I can't understand the excuse many guys are throwing around, mainly that most men are just defenseless against beautiful women.

Sorry, but that's the biggest crock I've ever heard. Yes, you can certainly blame the mistress in this one, but come on, folks, it takes two to tango. Or in this case, two to do the horizontal mambo.

Despite the tough exterior, most men are weak, I'll give you that. Heck, many are pretty much just insensitive pigs. But none of that is an excuse for turning your back on your wife and spending time reading between the lines with an attractive, much younger woman writing a book about you.

This Petraeus guy is the head of the CIA, for crying out loud. Isn't he supposed to be made of sterner stuff? How can we trust him with any of our country's most valuable secrets if he can't even keep his flagpole from entering enemy territory?

At this rate, every rival of the United States is just laughing it up. They can simply toss all their guns and bombs. Forget the nukes. All they need is an army of super hot models to send in and seduce all the generals, spies, and soldiers. The U.S. wouldn't last two hours!

I guess we can give Petraeus some credit; he didn't keep denying the affair and embarrass himself even further. At least not to us publicly.

But get over it, guys who are excusing his behavior. He messed up. Big time. Like super-duper big time. Admit it was all his fault, he was weak, and there are zero excuses for what he did to his family and country.

Do you think men are just too weak to help themselves when it comes to attractive women?


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bills... billsfan1104

When you guys going to discuss his testimony today?

MamaP... MamaP0123

This makes me laugh!! smh! billsfan1104 I am from Buffalo as well!! :)

Venae Venae

Oh, and a different general was infatuated with Kelley, going so far as to send her topless photos of himself ..

No - the FBI agent who was helping w/the case sent the shirtless photo.  But it turns out he's a good personal friend of Jill Kelley - and he had sent the photo to her and her husband as a joke quite a while ago.

That being said --- here's what CNN's Kyra Phillips had to say about Broadwell - I grabbed this from transcript, but actually heard her say it and couldn't believe it:

I do know that people within his inner circle have described her to be an aggressive woman, someone who, quote, unquote, works her magic.

So I guess CNN thinks that it's the woman's fault - working her magic on that poor man.


stara... starandseen

If anyone pays attention to how human beings are, they will know that the mind and heart are not connected at all. That is why even though your mind tells you this is wrong, yout heart overpowers the mind, and that's where scandal happens.

Intellectually the General knew cheating on his wife was wrong, but he was attracted to a beautiful woman. He could not resist his emotions. That just makes him a normal human being, as well as a normal man.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Not all men but he for sure is.

nonmember avatar zach

@starandseen: If you've been paying attention at all, you'd know this has nothing to do with the heart. It's all about an organ much lower on the body.

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