9 Reasons Nice Guys Most Definitely Do NOT Finish Last

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We all know the saying "nice guys finish last."

But is that really true?

Have you ever dated a nice guy? If you have, you'll know that expression is a crock of BS and you'll never again return to dating jerks. If you haven't dated a nice guy, well, you should try it out.

Here's why nice guys actually finish first.

1) Unlike the jerks out there, nice guys genuinely care about your feelings. If you're having a craptastic day, they'll go out of their way to cheer you up.

2) Nice guys are very thoughtful partners. They know your life, your schedule, your friends, and your likes and dislikes. Not only that, but they'll actually take these things into account and treat you accordingly.

3) Unlike more selfish guys, nice guys are always careful to care about your feelings - and theirs! They're more apt to talk openly about their feelings for you (and other things) and are generally more comfortable in their own skin.

4) Nice guys, unlike so many others out there, are more likely to wear their hearts on their sleeves, not playing games or acting coy to get you to believe they're someone they're not.

5) Relationships are a lot of work, but dating a nice guy (rather than a loser) is a huge deal because they'll do the work that needs to be done.

6) A nice guy will do the little things for you, just because. He's not working an angle or trying to con you, he just wants your life to be a little bit better.

7) A nice guy actually WANTS to know you -- and not just how great you are in bed. He'll be interested in your personality, what you like and don't, as well as making sure he knows what you're thinking and feeling. Pretty darn important!

8) You can actually put your faith in him and take him for his word rather than try to guess what he's doing behind your back or while you're not looking. He's trustworthy.

9) Nice guys are kind. Whether it's to you or to the rowdy family sitting at the table next to you, they're going to be sweet and treat everyone else nicely too.

What are some other reasons why nice guys finish first?

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George Williams

After reading this article I know from personal experience that whoever wrote it is not a woman.
I am all the things the writer said make us "nice guys" winners and every woman who is really honest will tell the truth that the qualities listed by the author are not what she or her sisters are looking for!!!!
No, based on vast personal experiece-33 years-in the dating world I have had it thrown in my face that the women really want the bad boys who they perceive as dangerous and exciting. The truth about what they think about "nice guys" even if they won't say it is, "they are boring", "too sensitive"; "wants to talk rather then be a "real" man and not give a @#$%^ about what I think or want".
Sorry, if I have deflated anyone's fantasy, but facts are facts.
So to the author of the article thanks for the fantasy, too bad it isn't even close to being real! George Williams

nonmember avatar singer825

George Williams. It sounds like you're dating the wrong type of women. My boyfriend is definitely a nice guy and has all the qualities listed in this article. I dated a few selfish guys back in the day and never will again. Nice guys all the way. Your experience, while valid, is not fact. It's just your experience. Plenty of us women love nice guys.

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