15 Signs He's TOTALLY Not Over His Ex

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You've just found yourself in a great relationship with a new guy and you're envisioning wedding bells and babies ... when all of a sudden, it dawns on you -- you're also dating his ex. Why? He's broken a cardinal rule of dating: getting involved with someone new before getting over his ex.

How do you know he's not over his ex? Let's examine some signs that he's SO not over his ex.

1) He accidentally calls you by her name. Often enough that you're starting to wonder if you should change your name to hers, just to feel less crappy about it.

2) His mantle, desktop, and cellphone pictures are all of the two of them together in better days.

3) He's still obsessively interested in what she's doing and who she's doing it with, and he won't stop talking about her new guy to you.

4) He's always in contact with her on social media. From responding to her Facebook updates to using Twitter to reply to everything she ever says, he's all over her.

5) She's still number 1 on his speed dial.

6) Her parents are number 2.

7) He refuses to change his Facebook status from "single" to "in a relationship with (your name)" because, well, he dodges that one.

8) Good or bad, he's always comparing her to you. You're getting used to hearing "(ex's name) blah blah blah" when it comes to anything from the way you snore to how you like your eggs.

9) He can't stop complaining about her. Sounds like a good sign, right? He hates her! Problem is, he's still THINKING about her that much.

10) He reads and rereads her texts in front of you.

11) In fact, he's still texting her regularly - and when she doesn't immediately reply, he seems upset.

12) He's still *ahem* dating her. But he's going to break it off, he promises! *Ahem* lies *ahem*!

13) He's always ready and eager to help her out with anything. Doesn't matter what's up, he'll drop what he's doing and help her.

14) He's been using your computer to check up on her - googling her, looking at her LinkedIn profile, you name it.

15) He insists on walking out of the room every time she calls so you can't hear the conversation.

Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do?

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Susie19 Susie19

Omg Yes!  During high-school (long time ago) I went on a date with an older guy I really liked (now I look back and think eww).  Anyway, our first date we went out for ice cream and ALL he could talk about was his ex.  This was our conversation:  "Do you know a girl named ****?  She's my ex.  Oh, you don't know her?  She's really pretty with big beautiful green eyes and the best curly hair.  Are you sure you don't know her?  She's really cool and pretty and awesome.  Yeah that's my ex......" 

And I said: "K Byeeeeeeee!!"

LOL What a loser! 

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nonmember avatar Hannah

yeah actually my husband whom i am divorcing now....him, i and a friend were drinking a little bit and he started crying over his ex fiance from over a year ago...needless to say, the truth came out recently that he doesnt love me anymore and is still stuck on her even tho she wants nothing to do with him...im crushed.

lovel... lovelikethis721

Ive been with a guy who was like that and come to find out he repeatedly cheated on me with his ex. 5 years later Im now close friends with the girl who was his ex and neither of us can stand him for everything he did to both of us.

Jennifer Marilyn Burwell

Okay, most of these I can agree with... But #13? My husband is the type that will drop everything to go and help anyone who needs it, ex or not. And I know he's not the only kind-hearted guy in the world. I'm pretty sure that, as long as he's still on good terms with said ex, any guy would try to do whatever he could to help her out.

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