10 Sex Red Flags That Could Kill a New Relationship

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Man and woman kissing
You don't even know what you're in for.
When you start seeing someone new, there's a whole slew of potentially awkward "firsts" that happen. You know, the first time you kiss, the first time they meet your friends, the first time you spend the night. Sure, all of these things are decently monumental -- but the most? The first time you do the dirty.

Sex, making love, doing "it," smushing, shagging: However you wanna put it, getting it on for the first time opens up all sorts of new doors in a relationship. When you and your partner get intimate, a whole different side of their personality is revealed. Sometimes, that side is ... slightly alarming. Heck, sometimes -- it can be downright frightening.

Check out our list of 10 bedroom red flags that may make you wanna think things over a few times:

1. He keeps his condoms in a red velvet bag next to his bed. Just how many women has he reached in this magical bag for?

2. He's a biter. And not the good, playful kind either. His personal unspoken goal is to make you bleed ... at least twice.

3. He has to play a radio talk show when you're having sex, and often wants to fall asleep to it. I'm sorry ... are you paying attention to me, or the news?

4. He tells you he has a rule for being in bed with clothes on. If he makes you strip the second you hit the sheets, steer clear.

5. He has to wash his sheets the second the deed is done. A little too OCD, maybe?

6. He asks you to role play within the first three times of hitting the sack. I'm sorry, is what I have to offer as plain 'ol me just not enough?

7. He refuses to look at you in the eye during the deed.

8. His "love" grip is actually painful. There's a difference between grabbing your backside in a moment of lust and digging his unmanicured nails into your thighs. Ouch.

9. There are half-naked girls anywhere near his bed other than you. I'm talking photos, of course. News flash: we're not in high school anymore.

10. His sex toy collection is bigger than any of your girlfriends', and he has them on display proudly.

What are some of your bedroom red flags?


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shawn... shawnypooh4

What guy actually does any of these things???? I mean comeon, talk radio? Now stripping naked the min you hit the sheets I can get with, just bc I love to feel your body not bunched up jammies/Nighties, but condoms in a velvet bag? Men with Sex toys?? Really??? The author may wanna do more research

nonmember avatar David M.

1. She talks about marriage less than 6 months into dating.

2. She talks about having kids less than 6 months into dating.

3. She complains that you aren't 'sharing' enough.

4. She wants you to meet mom and dad after just 2 dates.

5. She dresses like a ho, but says she's not that kind of girl, mixed signals.

nonmember avatar emmy

Okay 7 is the only one that is a red flag and 5 is just annoying

WARed... WARedNeck_WoMan

My ex pulled out a vibrator to use with me

...that was it, he was history. I have nothing against toys, but chances are, he'd used it on women before me...ta-cky...sorry dude

nonmember avatar freakflag

It sounds like the writer is a damn prude and maybe not so comfortable with herself sexually.

Yea a couple of these are iffy, but stop living in the FANTASY world of 50 shades of grey, and try implementing some real kink into the bedroom.

nonmember avatar Julie

I just recently dated a guy who changed the sheets!!! I couldn't believe it but even worse... He made me shower with him after we were done. He also wanted to cuddle for hours?!? What! Goodbye!!!!

Jen Rowekamp

never ever have any of these things happened to me,,,,, really??

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