Boyfriend's Maxi Pad Rant Sheds Hilarious Light on How Period Ads Confuse Our Men

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yogaI can see where Richard Neill is coming from. Tampon and maxi-pad ads are really confusing. The poor British guy wrote on a feminine product brand's Facebook page lamenting the fact that it is because of ads like theirs that he has thought that a woman's time of the month was filled with super fun stuff like yoga lessons, bike riding, and rock climbing. It wasn't until he was an adult, and had a girlfriend, that he realized that the commericals were lies, all lies!, he says.

I feel you, Richard. It's not fair that some TV commercials make it look like getting your period is all fun and games in white pants. They're doing us a disservice. All of us!

Because if Richard grew up thinking that Aunt Flo's visit meant it was time to break out the ivory leotards and have some awesome fun with your smiling friends, I'm sure there are thousands, nay billions of men out there who were also misled.

And these misinformed men later became baffled boyfriends and husbands who were flabbergasted by the reality of their lady love's cramping, fatigue, and irritability. I SAID IRRITIABILITY, GODDAMNIT. AREN'T YOU LISTENING?!

Where are the unitards? They must have wondered, in silence, as they drove to the drug store for pain meds. And the holding hands, spinning in the fields of sunflowers? And the synchronized swimming? I'm sure these dudes were confused as fuck. And now, who's paying the price?

We are. Our relationships. Our relationships are failing because men thought 3-5 days of their month with us was going to be all rainbows and puppies and stretching.

As Richard put it, a woman's period wasn't as fun as promised. "There was no joy, no extreme sports, no blue water spilling over wings and no rocking soundtrack."

No, I bet there wasn't, Richard. But don't hold that against your lady. Point your angry finger of blame at the tampon and pad ads that have lied to you. Don't let your relationship suffer because of some crazy untruths. Stay strong. Stay vigilant. And most of all, stay away from suggesting that GroupOn you bought for a Vinyasa class.

Does your significant other complain that your period takes a toll on your relationship, month after non-blissful month?

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the4m... the4mutts

Seriously? Really, I'm flabbergasted at the stupidity of any man that thinks anything of the sort. Didn't he have any woman in his life what-so-ever? Or go to school? Or take a health class?

Is this just supposed to be funny?

I'm really confused as to where you're going with this...

I'll just drop it and answer the damn question.

No. My S.O. or any man I've every been with has never thought anything about period symptoms. My S.O. grew up around LOTS of women, started dating at 13, and has a family that overshares everything personal.

When I came along, and happen to be NORMAL, if a little tired, 1 week a month, he thought I was some god-send! LoL

nonmember avatar shelly

Heck no! My husband is just glad he doesn't have to deal with the crap. I'm assuming the guy was just being silly, and sarcastic.

cmjaz cmjaz

It was a joke, mutts

craft... craftycatVT

My husband was an only child with a mother who had had a hysterectomy. During college, he moved in with my family which included my mom, sister, and I. I think it was an eye-opening experience. Especially as I get VERY cranky with PMS. Actually my periods are so bad that I refuse to have them anymore. I just take Seasonale and skip the period pills.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

You know those little plastic widgets they put in bottles of Guinness so it has a head when you pour it? One night in college my friend managed to get it out, realized it looked like a tampon with wings, and loudly proclaimed "tampons with wings, for when you really want to abseil down a water tower." I've never been able to look at tampons or Guinness the same way since.

the4m... the4mutts

@cmjaz- I re-read it again, and I get that the man was joking, but I still can't tell if the author was serious or not haha

nonmember avatar surprised

Really??? The F word was necessary.

Angie Hayes

My husband had all brothers, so he was a little unknowing about the whole period thing. He is good with it now, sometimes, better then me.. I always forget tampons, he always reminds me!

sweet... sweetone44_2004

This article made me laugh so loud I woke up my husband. Hilarious! I'll have to ask him in the morning what he thought Aunt Flo's visit would be like haha.

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