Hilarious Wedding Bloopers That Will Have Even the Bride Laughing as She Cries (VIDEO)


wedding failsWhen it comes to planning a wedding, there's so much thought and preparation put into each and every little aspect. You want that day to be magical, and the perfect one you and all your guests will remember forever. Unfortunately, however, they won't always remember it for the reasons you hope.

The fact is, no matter how much time, money, and effort you put into planning the big day, weddings are just ripe for disasters. You take crazy relatives, dancing, drinking, cake, and more, and  there's just no telling what can go wrong.

Fail Army recently put together a video titled Wedding Fails Compilation. It consists of almost four minutes of some pretty hilarious falls, fails, and other freak catastrophes at weddings that show just how wrong things can go. Check it out after the jump.


While they make me cringe, and I'm sure weren't funny at the time (or at least not most of them), I think it's okay to laugh at them now. Because hopefully, in retrospect, they're funny to the brides and grooms featured in them too, and have just become part of their story

At my own wedding, we were taking group shots of the entire wedding party on this ornate, antique bed (don't ask), when all of a sudden the bed collapsed. While I was freaked out about how much money we'd owe and damage we'd done at the time, the picture someone snapped right as it happened is one of my favorites from my wedding.

wedding party

I hope that videos and stories like these help other brides relax a bit as they approach their big day, and  help them see that even if things don't go quite as planned, it's okay. It may even make for better memories.

What's the biggest snafu you've seen happen at a wedding?


Images via YouTube, Julie Ryan Evans




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Susie19 Susie19

OMG I Love the pic from your wedding, that's hilarious!

  rolling on floor

Desti... DestinyHLewis

These were hilarious! Love that pic of your wedding too! Lol

jessi... jessicasmom1

laughingcongratulations with a good laugh

Kelly Bragg

I WAS the snafu at a wedding! When I was 15, I was in a children's choir, and the father of one of the kids was getting married after having been a widower for a few years. Our choral dresses were white, and the bride insisted we wear our red, velvet capes over them. I'm pretty sure we sang something like twelve songs (absurdity), and around song 9 I FAINTED and landed on top of one of the littler kids in front of me. The choir director had everyone keep singing! Oh, and it was all caught on video. Mortifying.

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