Jennifer Aniston’s Massive Engagement Ring Is One Massive Mystery (VIDEO)

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Jen AnistonJennifer Aniston's ginormous diamond engagement ring, which probably caused a small earthquake when it was heaved out of the ground, is also causing some speculation. Okay, I'm the one speculating. I'm speculating about who bought this ring. It's at least eight carats and most likely of very high quality. Depending on the four Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), bling like that could run you up to one million buckaroos.

Jen's fiance Justin Theroux isn't exactly slinging burgers, but he's not a Brad Pitt-level actor either. So who shelled out for this this gigantasaurus sparkler?

Reports are of course saying that Justin bought it, but really? Let's look at the facts: Justin is a working actor, but he ain't that working. Unless he's the secret heir to an oil fortune, he makes nowhere near what Jen makes. Jen's asking price is about $15 million. Back in 2007, I valued her net worth at $110 million. No doubt that has gone up.

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For all of the publicity Justin gets being Jen's SO, you'd almost think he was a big-time movie star. But he's not. A look at his IMDB resume reveals someone who works steadily but in very small gigs, mostly in TV. Unless you're a huge TV star, TV pay is crap. And his last movie was the one where he met Jen, Wanderlust, which tanked. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Justin is not a rich fellow. And who cares as long as he's making Jen happy, right?

But how in HELL is he affording a gargantuan rock like that? Only three ways. One, he's got a secret trust fund of some kind. Two, Jen paid or helped pay for the ring. Three, he paid and it cost him every living cent he had.

I'm a firm believer that successful couples are as equal as possible. In cases where that is just impossible ('cause let's face it, Justin is never going to catch up to Jen), then the less equal partner (ahem Justin) makes up for it in other ways. Like buying an engagement ring. I do not care if the only ring he can afford is a cheap small one he found on eBay and the entire world is going to snark on it.

Plenty of rich, famous women have been accused of buying their own engagement rings -- Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, etc. And I can see why they'd want a planet-sized sparkler to show off to Angelina their friends. But it isn't about the ring, gals. It's about how your partner feels. And what kind of man feels good when his fiancee buys a ring that eclipses him not only figuratively but almost literally?!

Do you think that women should buy their own rings?


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I'm not sure how in the world it makes any difference. It's kind of a tacky question. It's like asking if it's real. It's none of our business.

gemin... geminijai

Wow... Are you dense or what?! Justin may not be held to "Brad Pitt" levels of acting, but I guess you didn't do your homework to find out that he also a director and screenwriter? The men behind the films aften make more than the actors, themselves.


Agree Jafe.He is also a screen writer bloger.

SickO... SickOfMorons

Didn't he write Tropic Thunder?

lizhalee lizhalee

Yeah, he wrote tropic thunder with Ben stiller. You obviously have no clue what you're talking about because he isn't just an actor. He has written some VERY successful movie. This is ignorant "journalism" at it's finest! Congrats on being a dumb ass!

cmjaz cmjaz

The above comments were what I was thinking too. I knew he was more famous for writing and producing, than he was for acting. I kept waiting for the author to mention that but they never did. Very strange.

cmjaz cmjaz

A simple and quick wiki search shows that he was the screenwriter for tropic thunder, iron man 2, produced Megamind and is current screenwriting zoolander 2. Took me all of three minutes to find all that out. The man is making big bucks. And he's just geeting more and more famous. He'll be making more money than her in about 5 years.

RavenV91 RavenV91

Stir Readers - doing the research so the bloggers don't have to.

nonmember avatar Springtime

Umm, Jennifer Aniston has never been paid over 8 million for one movie. She has to do multiple movies in one year to even see $15 million then and especially now. I believe she already had a ring because if Justin had actually purchased this ring just like she set up the photo op to show it and doing a engagement promo tour, she would have commissioned the jeweler to speak about it.

nonmember avatar annie

Lol, Aniston's asking price for a movie is not even USD 15m. she is paid a lot less, between US$ 4-8m only. She got a bit more for Just go with it, but on the average, she gets only US$ 6 m per film. Theroux is a struggling actor and scriptwriter, her probably gets USD 500k per film or even less. His estimated networth is only USD 4m, and that includes his apartment in NYC, so definitely cannot afford to buy even a USD 200k cashwise. So Aniston definitely bought the ring or it could be a cheap quality diamond if it was theroux who paid for it.

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