Desperate Woman Tweets Crazy Picture to Show Her Cheating Lover How Crazy She Is (PHOTO)

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Angelica RobinsonSigh. Another day, another infidelity, another social media gaffe that ruins a career and kicks the institution of marriage in the ribs. Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee—the very married Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee—has secured his place in the already crowded annals of beleaguered men who have fallen from grace because of the lure of feminine wiles. Seems our Officer Friendly had an affair with his subordinate, Angelica Robinson—his very married subordinate Angelica Robinson.

But when his mistress discovered that her mister was off attending a police conference with another woman, she took leave of her senses and posted a picture of herself on Twitter… with her service weapon in her mouth. The heck? 

Not Angelica Robinson's shining moment
Now most of us have done some crazy, I’ll-never-do-that-again things in the name of love, so we should be able to drudge up empathy for some folks’ desperate antics. But lemme tell you something: you don’t ever get to a point where you’re even pretending to be playing around with some mess like tongue kissing a firearm. And to post a picture of it on Twitter? That’s downright crazy.

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But it had at least part of her desired result. The shenanigan got Godbee’s attention, and he sent other officers out to locate Robinson and put her under surveillance for her own protection. Poor Detroitians (or Detroiters, depending on who you’re talking to) are dodging bullets and blades in a city with one of the highest violent crime rates in the country and the chief is investing manpower into his personal love affairs. It’s a bad look all around, especially, especially considering his predecessor, Warren Evans, also fell from professional and personal grace because of an affair with a colleague. In fact, Robinson has dated them both.

Good skooga mooga. I’ve been to Detroit. Big city. Lots of people. More than enough fodder for infidelity and adultery. They need not pass the same folks around on the police force. I get that they spend a lot of time together—sometimes upwards of 12-hour days for weeks at a time, depending on the needs—but that doesn’t excuse cheating. The same ethics that make you dedicate your life to upholding the letter of the law should kick in there somewhere. One would think, anyway.

But more importantly, this is an example of yet another man in a position of power biting the professional dust because he couldn’t keep his bullet in the chamber, so to speak. True, he’s separated from his wife. But according to sources, that just happened in August. His relationship with Robinson is a year old. You do the math. Meanwhile, he’s a fallen hero and she’s going to be dragging around the image of the homewrecking office skank—and a crazy, gun-swallowing one at that. You know women in these situations get the brunt of the blame while the men get to frolic through the bravado of promiscuity.

And, at the base of it all, she put it on Twitter, where it will forever live in infamy online. Not a teenage girl. A grown woman. For all that, she could’ve sent him a text with the same picture, sending the same message of urgency. At least the chances of it going viral were slimmer. But now the foolish deeds have been done and a city already battling enough demons has to wonder if slow police response is because officers are preoccupied with getting their rocks off behind the scenes. There’s a lesson to be learned here, though I’m sure it’ll go unvalued: Don’t cheat. And by all means, don’t put it on Twitter.

Who should be fired for this indiscretion: him, her, or neither one?

Image via Mat Honan/Flickr

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nonmember avatar HS

This story gets on my nerves. Yeah yeah he's an ass and all the double standard mumbo jumbo but this chick is literally effin nuts. If you can't live the mistress life don't be a mistress. Hell, he should have left her to her suicidal devices. Just sayin'. I'm tired of all these females catching emotions from a booty call and then being shameless enough to plaster that crap up for the world to see. Just like that one lady who created a billboard calling her dude out. You're not punishing the men that way. The best punishment is to not sleep with married men in the first go- dam- place. Sheez!

NatAndCo NatAndCo

How about both? Why isn't both an option? Both screwed up, both get canned. Shouldn't that be the way it works?

hotrd... hotrdumommy

Yeah the key is for married men and women to keep it to their spouses but sometimes that doesn't happen. Also this was an affair that was going on for a year or so. Much more than a booty call in my eyes. However both have blame in this situation and both should have consequences.

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

bitches be crazy...

nonmember avatar HS

Hotmommy: I've been hooking up with a booty call 10 years lol. It's not a r'ship at all, just strictly sex. I'd never entertain a r'ship with him because he's a serial cheater. But it's a nice hookup from time to time when I'm not in a r'ship of my own. Misters and mistresses are supposed to be booty calls, maybe the occassional outing together, but the women get caught up in emotions and then ish like this happens. I can guarantee you this man only wanted sex with this woman, nothing more. Thus, a booty call.

jkm89 jkm89

Bunny boiler alert!!

MomLi... MomLily67

Both should be  fired and the woman put in psychological observation!!


hopea... hopealways4019

She crazy! The police dont require mental evaluation, before hiring? She should be fired, dont need a crazy woman, patrolling streets.

Sadie... Sadie0711

she should have pulled the trigger...

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

He was very stupid and she is very desperate.

Neither should loose their job for it. She needs help though. little to crazy and desperate.

He needs to learn how to keep it in his pants.

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