5 Wackiest Ways to End a Relationship (PHOTOS)

breakup letterMen. When they do too much for us, we feel suffocated. When they don't do enough -- we feel neglected ... yet strangely want them more. After some time, it's hard to decide whether a relationship is truly worth fighting for or it's time to cut the cord. You know, break up.

Breaking up is never fun to do. It's hard. It sucks. Tears are almost always involved. You've invested something in the relationship emotionally and letting go ... sucks. But come on -- why does saying "goodbye" always have to be so serious? Why not say, "I think we should just be friends" with some sort of maniac gesture?

Heck, if people are gonna talk, you may as well give 'em something worth talking about. Let's get to it, ladies. The 5 wackiest ways to end a relationship:

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What was your weirdest breakup?


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Todd Vrancic

How about actually being an adult and telling them in person?  Or is that idea too mature for you?

SassB SassB


Most adults learn that separation from significant people, jobs or communities is not easy. Their character is clearly visible in how they deal with situations exactly like this. Standing tall raises not only your own morale in these situations but also your stature with others.

How about being an adult as Todd suggested and talking to this person you used to hold in great esteem?

You'll feel better afterwards and won't be known as a squirrel.

Your choice.

Rachp... Rachpach1984

Gosh can't you people take a freaking joke?

nonmember avatar Bethany

I once went away for 2 weeks and as mx boyfriend of 2 months and i were having dinner he proceeds to tell me " i have something to show you" as he produced a wedding ring! I calmly stood up and walked out. The end. Unbelievable!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

I think if they did something really awful to you and you decide to break up you have a right to do it however you want.  Guy says he's going to marry you and cheats on you, then breaks up with you when you find out and ends up with her?  This was 35 years ago.  I let myself in when I knew they were in bed and dumped all the stuff he'd given to me over the years on top of them and told her all about his character, no yelling, very calmly and with some humor.  He did end up married to her, and divorced two years after. MMMM maybe she should have listened to  me?

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