Idiotic Man Who Had Sex While Driving Killed Two People Because of Stupid Fantasy

Car sexIt seems fairly obvious that having sex behind the wheel of a car is stupid and dangerous. Even still, people (especially dumb, young ones) do it all of the time. I would be hard pressed to name a single male in college who didn't either fantasize about or claim to have had some kind of sex while driving.

It may even seem funny or silly. But for one family in Minnesota, the results of this "minor" thing were tragic and horrific. While having sex behind the wheel of his car, 24-year-old Mark Chalin killed his girlfriend as well as a 35-year-old mother of four in another car. Does it still seem light and cute to have sex in a car?

If any man ever tries to get you to go down on him or straddle him while driving, just tell him this story.

It's just plain stupid. If studies show that talking on a phone can make an accident more likely, then what about sex?

This is one of those sex things that is more dumb fantasy than actual reality. Even in the best case scenario, it's kind of icky and risky. At worst, it could have tragic consequences.

What is even worse about all this is that there were other options. They could have pulled over. They could have WAITED until they got home or they could have stopped and found a private space.

None of these things involve hurting other people or themselves. The reality is, though one man was driving, both made the bad decision to do something so irresponsible. While my heart goes out to the families of both women, it's the one who was just minding her own business that is truly blameless.

Sex behind the wheel isn't funny. It's not cute. And it's not safe. Think, people. Think. Sex isn't that important.

Have you ever heard of people doing this?


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Caera Caera

Wow, sexist much? The "idiotic man" had to be having sex with someone. How about the floozy who climbed on to his lap? Is she not also "idiotic". I think she's worse, actually. He may have said he wanted that, but it was the idiotic woman - who you completely ignore - who agreed to it.

Jenny... JennyG0929

The whole thing is just stupid. Those poor kids who lost their mother. I don't think 4 years in prison is enough.

Todd Vrancic

His partner in the act was killed.  Yeah, she was also an idiot, but I would say she paid the ultimate price.

nonmember avatar nicky

Seriously, what about the idiot woman who decided that would be a good idea.

Also, not sure how she was his girlfriend considering she was MARRIED.

anfin... anfinley89

OMG ... I just seen a couple doing this the other night when df and I were leaving our neighborhood. A girl was straddling her bf while he was driving! I was shocked to see such a thing and aggrivated that they would rish their lives doing something they could wait to get home to do

SassB SassB

Actions have consequences. My heart goes out to the motherless family.

Maybe we need a new morality of personal responsibility?

nonmember avatar Whatever

Um, yea, the guy was an idiot. But your slant on this is pretty bad. First off, where did it say they were living out a fantasy? Based on the guys criminal record, it was probably just normal behavior for him. Second, the woman was married TO SOMEONE ELSE and She chose to jump on his lap. So, let's put credit where credit is due here little Miss blame the guy person.

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