Bride Admits She Put Pretty Bridesmaids in Ugly Dresses (VIDEO)

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There's nothing like having your friends and family around for your big day -- your wedding! Nothing can compare to having those you love most watch you pledge your troth to your life partner. And, hey, if those people you love look like utter crap, then all the better! Bwahahaha!!! Uh, seriously? Who thinks like that? Well, one woman does. Actually, probably a lot of women do, judging by all of the horrible-looking bridesmaids dresses out there, but one bridezilla on Coffee Shop Confessions is willing (at least anonymously) to admit that she picked the most awful bridesmaids dresses she could find on purpose. That's right, the Pepto Bismol pink dresses with the big poufy shoulders and back ruffles that make your ass look like the world's largest watermelon were picked on purpose! 

Our anonymous bridezilla starts off by saying that she picked dresses for her bridesmaids that are "ill-fitting, poorly-made, and won't look good on anyone." She says, "It might be cruel, but I don't care. I want all eyes on me." She adds that her bridesmaids are all pretty, so this might have something to do with her attitude.

Someone is marrying this woman? I can't believe she actually has friends. She must do a good job of hiding her insecurities and selfishness; otherwise, I can't believe she'd get anyone to RSVP to her big day. Has she thought about the fact that her bridesmaids will pay for these dresses, will buy her and her groom a gift of her choice, and may even have to shell out for childcare, take time off work, and buy hotel and plane tickets? While her friends are busy rearranging their schedules and spending money they may not have to make her day special, she's busy trying to ruin theirs. Talk about passive aggressive.

Of the panel, most agreed this was disrespectful. "Surround me with love so I can make you look terrible," jokes Simon. But Tia took the opposite tack. She thinks it's the bride's day, so she can do whatever she wants with it. Tia contends that no matter how ugly the dress is, she'd put it on for her friend.

I agree I'd probably do that (aren't most bridesmaids dresses hideous anyway?), but I'd have to think twice if I knew that the bride was deliberately sticking me in something to make me look as disgusting as possible. That's okay, though. I'd get my revenge with a wheelbarrow glass table or a ceramic fish statue wedding gift. Take that, bridesmaids sabotager!

Here's what the panel had to say about it:

What do you think about what this woman did?

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Em Chappell-Root

I HATED the dresses my bridesmaids wore. HATED. Hated the color (almost my favorite pink) Hated the style (I wanted tea length, they were long) Hated Everything. So why did my two bridesmaids, (best friend and older sister) wear them? Because my sister threw a huge hissy fit, dragged our mom to Davids Bridal SEVEN times without me, and pretty much demanded that they were going to wear anything but what I picked out (Chocolate brown, tea length, very elegant and young and cute).

I had to change my wedding dress, because it was too casual to go with the brides maid dresses she demanded. Both my best friend and I were miserable. I wish I'd been a bridezilla, and stood up for myself. Instead my mother and sister ruined my wedding because either nothing suited them, or they had to do things THEIR way. This bride sounds like as big a bitch as my sister was. 

purpl... purpleflower514

If I were at that wedding all I would be able to talk about it those horrid dresses and what a bridezilla the bride must be. All eyes will not be on the bride.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Having bridesmaids is not a requirement. If she's so scared of her pretty friends then she should just not have any bridesmaids.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I don't understand this. I would think you would want everyone to enjoy your wedding right? If not you'd have it catered by Jack in the Box and the music would be a polka band. So why go out of your way to make sure people aren't happy?

promi... promised21

I had 6 bridesmaids, all beautiful! I had each girl in a different color, but they all had the same dress except the preggo one, and they all liked them (or said they did lol). I thought they were very cute and summery, and I wanted my bridesmaids to look just as beautiful as I thought I would. In fact, my maid of honor, I picked her dress to be yellow and everyone told me to put her in a different color because yellow would take away from my white dress. I didn't care though, I knew my future husband and guests would be looking at me regardless of what color or amazing my bridesmaids looked....and they looked amazing!!!

zombi... zombiemommy916

I wanted a beautiful wedding and I don't see how that would have been possible with my bridesmaids in awful dresses...I wasn't concerned with "everyone's eyes on me", I was only concerned with how my guests and bridal party would enjoy themselves...this woman sounds horrible...besides, if you're a truly beautiful person inside and there's love radiating from the both of you, people will have no choice but to look at where it counts...just saying....

120177 120177

  She is moody bride.  hate those dresses they are UGLY!!!!  I feel bad for the groom!!!!

Amber-Laine McGeath

I think ugly dresses will just draw more attention to them...

Ellie Troup

When i get married, I want a simple country style wedding. I'm not to fond of dresses so I'm probably gonna wear nice blue jeans, a nice off white shirt(off white cause i am a bit traditional) and cowgirl boots... I will have some books with like 10 different clothes categories for my brides maids to pick which they like better( its up to them) the way its gonna be is us girls will work together on the choices and the men will work together on theirs(just as long as it doesn't clash I'm good)

nonmember avatar Wedding Blues

Wearing battleship grey to my sister's wedding. Dress fit awful! When I told my sis I had the dress professionally altered - she freaked and said it would be too tight - she liked it before. OK, before I had it fitted - I could not bend at the waist without exposing myself because the top was so large. Does she want me to look like crap? I think I know the answer. Just looking forward to getting the day over with.

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