5 Hollywood Hunks Who Would Dare to Go Full-Frontal

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Half-naked manWhen it comes to being naked in the flesh, many of us (myself included) feel super super awkward about it. Seeing other people naked in big movies, though? I don't mind it one bit. Nope, not at all. Especially when they're some of Hollywood's biggest names. Correction: The biggest, most handsome names of course.

With all this buzz about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, loads of stars are contemplating their willingness to be in the buff for the part of the handsome Christian Grey. It's not like the candidates HAVE to have starred nudey before now. Heck New Girl star Max Greenfield recently told Celebuzz he'd be WAY down for the part, and we've never seen him 100 percent in his birthday suit.

Thus I present you with 6 Hollywood guys who would dare to go full-frontal. Yes, we're going there.

1. Kevin Bacon (Wild Things): Also naked in Hollow Man, Bacon is no stranger to full-frontal on the big screen. Granted, the nude scene was VERY brief, but heck -- it's still Kevin Bacon.

2. Jude Law (Wilde): Jude Law bares all as Lord Alfred Douglas in the 1997 film telling the story of Oscar Wilde. A man who looks good au naturel AND has an amazing accent to boot? Yes, please.

3. Shia LaBeouf ("Fjohur Piano"): Ever since I heard Shia is having actual sex on the set of his upcoming movie The Nymphomaniac, I've sort of thought he'd be a perfect (yet freaky) candidate for the part of Christian Grey. The 26-year-old star did the whole full-frontal thing for a music video from Icelandic indie band Sigur Ros earlier this year, and well, it was intense to say the least.

4. Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall): Who can forget the epically hilarious nudey scenes from Forgetting Sarah Marshall? I would kill to watch a live rendition of Dracula Musical right now.

5. Max Greenfield: Like I said, we haven't seen him fully in the buff quite yet. But shoot, he's got all the right dark features and a killer body. It's only a matter of time until we get to see a bit more. 

What star would you like to see strip down for the part of Christian Grey?


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Karen Tony

None of the above.

nonmember avatar HOLLY CONDER

none of the above. I want to see Eric Dane...

Ann E Weber

OMG none of them!!!

nonmember avatar Brandee eady

Colin egglisfeild

Tammy Davis Walters

I AGREE, NONE OF THE ABOVE!and yes, I'm using shouty capitals. Where is Ryan Gosling, Cam Gigadet, Channing Tatum, and Ian Somehalder??

nonmember avatar Stephanie C.

Jude Law would be nice but I think Simon Baker would make an excellent Christian Grey :)

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