Kanye West's Rumored Sex Tape Should Scare the Hell Out of Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)


kanye westWow -- just when we thought his obsession with all things Kim Kardashian couldn't possibly get any creepier -- now Kanye West is rumored to have a sex tape that was filmed with a Kim Kardashian look-alike. Yep -- bragging about his sex life with Kim was just the tip of the iceberg, because filming sex with someone who LOOKS like Kim is way more disturbing.

The video is supposedly around 20 minutes long, and features Kanye getting down and dirty with a woman with long black hair, "dusky" skin, and killer curves -- which definitely fits Kim's description. And oh yeah, one more thing -- the girl in the video is married. And she apparently made the tape because she and her husband weren't having sex anymore. (Perfectly good excuse, right?)

Understandably, Kanye is apparently "freaking out" over the existence of this tape, which was filmed sometime prior to him starting to date Kim Kardashian. And since he and Kim have been buddies for quite some time, if this video does exist, it pretty much proves that he's been totally obsessed with her for a while -- so much so that he actually got off on making a sex tape with someone who resembled her.

And honestly, if Kanye were dating anyone other than Kim right now, I'd say the existence of this sex tape would be grounds for a breakup for sure -- because it's nothing short of creepy and disgusting to think about your boyfriend getting it on with some stranger simply to indulge his sick fantasies about you.

In Kim's case, however, something tells me she'll love the thought of Kanye wanting to be with her so badly that he settled for a look-alike. And it's not like she can go getting all bent out of shape about him having a sex tape, you know, because she has one too. (Aww -- they're sex tape sweethearts!)

You can hear more about the tape in this video clip.

Do you think Kanye bedding a Kim look-alike should send up a red flag?


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nonmember avatar ickyickick

Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out it's really Kim in the tape....and please, like Kanye's EVER not wanted whatever kind of publicity he can get. Contrived story.

Anne4222 Anne4222

She will be flattered


i fear 4 kim,dis does'nt look gud...

Stalcup Golla

I hear a lot about it, but is it real?

There's no mention  of it at that www.KimKleaked.com official sex tape site, as well as non of those naked celebrities sites like www.GossipTapes.com has any info about it

Please bring me some more info? Who is that girl in his sex tape? Why doesn't he releases his sex tape featuring Kim? Just too many questions, heh?

tuffy... tuffymama

That physical description also fits my auntie, and she doesn't look like KK at all.

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