'One-Handed Condom' Could Help Moms Have a Lot More Sex After Kids


One-handed condom wrapperIf I didn't have "quickies," I'd probably never have sex. I hate to say it, but that's what happens when you have four kids. Or for some people, any kids.

So when I saw this condom that you can open with one hand, I thought it was the perfect invention for busy parents like me who are trying to have good sex after having kids

Originally designed with people with disabilities in mind, the one-handed condom wrapper is actually pretty genius for parents too. Considering we're already so rushed in trying to "squeeze one in," even simple things like being able to pop a condom out of the wrapper with one hand is quite helpful. With the perforation in the middle of the packet, all it takes is a quick flip of your wrist and you're ready to go. 

And if you're anything like me, in the time it takes you (or your partner or spouse) to rip open a condom wrapper with your teeth like a rabid dog tearing through a bag of Skittles (what? only me?), babies can wake up, kids can crawl out of bed, and the moment is lost. And trying to find it again, especially if you've got to nurse the baby or rock the kids back to sleep, can take longer than you might have to spare. 

So here's hoping the one-handed condom hits the market soon. For those of us parents who are trying to get our mojo back in the bedroom, we'll take all the extra help we can get.

How do you sneak in sex without being interrupted by the kids?


Image via BenPawle.co.uk

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the4m... the4mutts

Ummm, what?

Okay, it may be more convenient packaging, but if you're that inept at opening them to begin with, I doubt this will help you have more dexterity.

And yes, I get that this was supposed to be cheeky, but I found it lame, and slightly demeaning to the capabilities of adults to use contraception properly.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Thank you, the4mutts... I completely agree. This was a 'cheeky' failure. If your quickie is so quick that the extra .02 seconds it takes to open a 'regular' condom wrapper, yeah- then you should probably find something else to do entirely.

Scott Davis

You still need two hands to put it on properly. Hold the tip with one hand and roll it down with the other. 

nonmember avatar Ummmmm

How about a spray on condom? That would be a real 1 hander:)

And you could spray his mouth if he talks too much.

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