Bill Clinton's Alleged Sexual Fantasy Is the Exact Same One Most Men Have

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Bill ClintonSo let it be known from on high that former President Bill Clinton likes him some threesomes. The source for this juicy bit of gossip is his former mistress Monica Lewinsky whose memoir the Enquirer says will reveal Clinton's penchant for more than one lady at a time. Oh yeah. It goes there.

So a man likes threesomes! Say it isn't so (I am kidding). Let's be serious for a moment: what man DOESN'T like a threesome? It's two women at once and one man. What's not to love?

Let's review: If a straight man likes women, he gets two. If he likes girl on girl action, he gets that, too. If he likes that which is "taboo," well, hello. This works there, too! For a man to like a threesome, it's a no-brainer.

But does the fantasy REALLY live up to the hype. I asked an anonymous man who has had more than one threesome just how "hot" it really was. The results? Were surprising.

"In my experience I find watching two women have sex pretty boring," he told me. Really? Wow. Of the multiple threesomes this friend has had, only two have been "great." The rest? Only so-so.

It's an awkward thing, really. In the right circumstances, when no one is committed and jealousy isn't a problem, a threesome can be (almost) as hot as men imagine.

As for women, they seem a little more lukewarm on the idea of threesomes. Though a few have engaged in them, they've usually been in the kind that involve two women. A woman saying she fantasizes about two men? Well, she must be a slut. Right? I mean, she has to be. After all, who else would want to be with two men?

Therein lies my issue with the whole "threesome" thing. Sure, group sex is great, but only if it's an equal opportunity kind of thing. If we're getting into some male fantasy born of porn and not really into what people truly want sexually (without judgement), then it seems a little silly.

Bill Clinton (or anyone) wanting a threesome is like Bill Clinton (or any man) liking porn. News at 11. What would be SHOCKING is if he were into something unique.

I think it's safe to say that most of our Presidents have, at some point, wanted a threesome with two females. Yes, even George Washington.

Why do you think the threesome is such a fantasy for men?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

If Bill Clinton were a Republican, you would be saying he was a womanizer. Sure, all men have these fantasies, but only bad husbands and assholes act on them.

nonmember avatar Mike M

Evolution. If a man's DNA became the most abundant by being monogamous then that's the type of instincts that the majority of men would have. But desiring many women increases the odds that a man will have sex with multiple women and that leads towards the greatest number of children sharing his DNA. Now for women the best way to ensure that her DNA becomes as abundant as possible is to provide as much care for her own children (provided by herself and others - which is a large part of the reason why women are more social than men are - building friendly alliances is an important thing for raising kids as that gives them more resources that are necessary for health, survival, and productivity) and so women have instincts which should lead them to find men (which is highly encouraged by our society through marriage... which tends to reduce the importance of love [which women are typically better at providing others with than men are] when it comes to raising healthy, happy, productive children) who are likely to help her provide the most care (which is closely related to wealth, power, etc.) for her own children (along with encouraging her to put her children before herself - something men aren't as inclined to do as women are).

miche... micheledo

Um, not all men fantasize about a threesome.  The thought grosses out my husband.  I was the first person he had sex with - on our wedding night.  The thought of being with another woman makes him sick.

Maybe he is a rarity - but some men are monogamous and only fantasize about that.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

i think all men at least once in their life but probably quite a few more then once, fantasize about threesomes and if given the chance, they'd do it. and micheldo: the majority of men are monogamous actually and theres many men who've only had sex with theif wives, some of which also waited until marriage probably because of their religioun. BUT i highly highly doubt that your husband has never dreamed of another women (accidentally obvioisly!) or fantasized about another woman (even if its just a quick glance at a pretty face or a peak at a big bootied gal). all men do this, even the men who truly love and WANT only their woman, be it wife, girlfriend or babys mother. that doesnt mean that man doesnt want YOU, it means hes a man. i read two different studies. one said men think of sex up to 10t times throughout one day. another study said sex pops into a guys head once every eight MINUTES. so whichever is right (probably both are accurate because they were two different studies taken in two different areas involving probably two very different types of men) thats still ALOT of sex. and i KNOW that threesomes pop into those fantasies every man has.

nonmember avatar Rick

@micheledo- you really need to pull your head out of the sand. It is far more likely that xxxshelbyxxx is correct, and that you are simply naive. Wise up!

Carol99 Carol99


Katy Khan

I don't believe that the majority of men are interested in threesomes.

Todd Vrancic

Just because it is your experience does not mean you need to denigrate someone else's experience.  Just because you haven't heard of it does not mean it doesn't happen.  I am completely in love with my wife and no other woman turns me on.  Sorry to bust people's bubbles about what happens in "the real world."

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