Kanye West Brags About Sex With Kim Kardashian in the Most Disgusting Way

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestLet me see -- how shall I put this without sounding downright raunchy, tasteless, and disgusting?! (Never mind, it can't be done.)

Um, Kanye West apparently posted a tweet bragging about his sexcapades with Kim Kardashian, and his choice of language was anything but romantic and flattering to his lady love. In fact, with this particular tweet, he pretty much came right out and said that Kim is his personal piece of meat whose sole purpose is to satisfy his manly desires whenever the urge should strike him.

Brace yourself -- this one's a real doozie.

He and Kim must have had one seriously memorable roll in the hay, because Kanye posted the following statement on Twitter:

"I just fu%*ed Kim so hard."

(Way to keep it classy and clean, Kanye.)

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Oh. My. GAWDDDD. Are you kidding me?! Who posts something like that on Twitter -- wait a minute -- forget Twitter -- what kind of boyfriend actually says something like that in any capacity about his girlfriend and thinks it's going to be well received?!

The tweet supposedly got taken down just as fast as it went up, but not before 39,777 of West's followers "favorited" it, and 7,410 people retweeted it. (And that was obviously more than enough to get the comment noticed.)

Oh man -- Kim Kardashian has to be one seriously pissed off lady right about now, and if she isn't upset, she should be. I know that men talk about their girlfriends with their buddies, and we gals definitely dish on what goes on between the sheets with our close girlfriends -- but nobody in their right mind should be publicly boasting about those things!

Kanye's tweet was nothing short of disrespectful, and if Kim's smart, she'll take it as a huge red flag and think long and hard about whether or not this is someone she wants to continue a serious relationship with.

And if she does let his actions slide this time, at the very least she should demand one hell of an apology. Heck, she may even want to think about regulating his tweets for the time being -- or at least forbidding him from going anywhere near a smartphone or computer after they've done the deed.

Do you think Kanye's actions are forgivable?


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amomm... amommy2jack

Kim and Kanye prove once again that having money doesn't exempt you from being completely classless.  I shudder to think that there are people who actually look up to and admire these two douche bags.  God help us all.

Belkys Perez

He's so disgusting. What a creep. What does she sees in him anyway?? this guy barely knows how to dress and is completely changing her ways and style. This woman must have SERIOUS selfsteem issues if she really likes the way this a***ole treats her. This is totally disrespectful and she is crazy if she's even thinking on marriying or having kids with this p.o.s.

Pat Gladwell

what a creep , really Kim , how low can you go ? Surely you don't approve of this kind of publicityfrustrated

QTKakes QTKakes

What's funny is that you all actually care. LOL! The world is doomed.

capta... captain..

Is there a sex video yet? lol

Sarah Dion

Heard on the radio this morning that the "party" Kayne is throwing Kim for her bday on a private island is costing him around a million big ones.... dont know how true it is but considering Kim is a money grubbing whore, between the party, the new wardrobe, and all the other things that Ive heard about him doing for her, I doubt she'll be getting rid of him any time soon.

nonmember avatar Jest

Most likely she was polishing him off while he wrote the damn thing. Get real people, its an attention getter and obviously it worked. He could tweet about taking a SHIT and people would respond. The problem is not him, its the society that allows people like him to be recognized. If there was no audience, there would be no show. period.

Jim Boss

Are you kidding me?  She's dating the biggest douchebag in the universe.  If she doesn't EXPECT this type of behavior, then she's retarded and she deserves to be treated like that.  Sorry, if you're dating the biggest douchebag in the universe, you're doing for a reason other than being treated well.  This article is hilarious.

Robert LaPointe

Kanye West is a PIG and BTW a RACIST!

Ashle... AshleyB1984

I have a feeling she won't get mad or do anything about it. She seems to cater to his every whim. If someone told me to get rid of my clothes, I would NOT agree. I think that alone says a lot.

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