'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Engagement Reminds Us That Size Doesn't Matter

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kailyn lowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry is engaged -- the young reality star took to Twitter to confirm rumors that boyfriend Javi Marroquin had popped the question and even posted a pic showing off her diamond ring. There aren't any concrete wedding plans yet, but Kailyn says that hopefully she'll walk down the aisle in the near future.

Normally I would be more skeptical of a woman deciding to get married at such a young age, especially when she has herself and her child to worry about, but something tells me this match may be a solid one, and that something is the ring.

Not the horror movie, though wouldn't you like to see that analogy come together, but rather her actual diamond engagement ring.

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It's small, it's dainty, it's feminine, it's perfect. It shows that they're already being responsible about money, that they're confident in their union and don't need Mr. Carat to do the talking for them, and that they're not materialistic.

Some women get engaged just so they can show off the ring, just so they can thrust this glittery symbol of their fiance's salary in their frenemies' faces, but it doesn't look like Kailyn expected nor received anything but a simple yet elegant symbol of real love and commitment.

Plus, a big ring does not eternal bliss promise. Kris Humphries gave Kim Kardashian a 20-carat monstrosity, and we all know how that ended. Paris Hilton's engagement ring (yeah, remember that?) was 24 carats, Christina Aguilera's was also around 20 carats, and one of Elizabeth Taylor's engagement rings was 30 carats. Each of those ladies is now single, or dead.

Here's to Kailyn and Javi -- they're off to a great start.

Do you think the size of the engagement ring matters?


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elle7777 elle7777

Huh. I didn't even notice the size of her rocks until you mentioned it....and I still don't believe it's noticeably small. Looks average to me.

No I don't think something as ridiculously arbitrary as diamond size relates in a good or bad way to how long a relationship will last.

2nino... 2ninos4me

im sorry but if my future fiance is wealthy i would EXPECT  a big diamond ring , and the marriage goes depending on how they treat , communicate and respect each other .

im not materialistic and dont even wear jewerly often but if they can affordit , they should spend it .

Lilyp... Lilypad523

i personally think that huge rings are hideous. i don't see the attractions. 

Pinkmani Pinkmani

It's not about the ring size or the wedding, it's about the marriage. I tend for favor Kailyn a little more than the other girls. Good for her!

Jadem... Jademom07

Maybe it was more about getting a ring that didn't need to be insured and she could actually wear without worrying about getting mugged?

I wouldn't want a huge one...Too much worry over someone trying to rip it off.


early... earlybird11

Ummm or it could mean they r still pretty young and broke... And who knows. That small diamond might have.put them in to debt for their finances. Get a life.

Torra... TorranceMom

Kailyn's ring is really pretty - simple, tasteful, classy. I'm one of those gals that thinks bigger is better though . . .

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

It depends,  I would have been surprised by a tiny stone simply because I new we could afford a large one.

nonmember avatar justine

No..I don't think the size of the ring matters at all.... Its just a ring.... Its the love between them that matters at the ens of the day.... Her ring looks just like the one my boyfriend bought me to pop the question....I say congrats and may you have many years of happy wedded bliss

mandy... mandybimama

I don't believe size of the engagement ring has anything to do with how good or bad of a marriage it will be. It all depends on the love between them and if they can manage to keep good communication and trust in the relationship. 

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