Taylor Swift Doesn’t Care That Boyfriend Conor Kennedy Is Still in High School


Aren't Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy cute, everyone? Their romance is still going strong, and this past weekend they had one of those quaint New England-y type outings when they hit a restaurant in Greenfield, Massachusetts, where Conor goes to prep school (high school for rich people, y'all!). They even went antiquing. Nothing says "young love" like antiquing. Well, actually, nothing says "tired, old worn-out love that's been married 50 years" quite like antiquing, but hey. Joke! But isn't it a little -- I don't know -- bizarre to be going dropping off your lover off at his high school? That is when you're a fully grown adult with a big career who is going to be 23 in less than three months? I'm not a love grinch or anything, and the Kennedy clan doesn't seem to have any probs with Conor dating an "older" woman. But still.

Let's just try reversing this scenario for a moment. Let's imagine that your 18-year-old daughter is still in high school. And an older man -- one who has, shall we say, been around quite a bit, at least judging by all of the songs this guy has written about his exes -- starts dating your teen daughter. Some parents, of course, would be thrilled. Especially if the guy is as successful as Taylor Swift is. But still, in the back of your mind, aren't you just kinda thinking, "Why isn't he dating a woman his own age?"

Well, that's kind of what I think with Taylor. Especially since women generally mature faster than men. It's odd to think of any woman in her early 20s who'd want to date a high schooler. I just don't get it.

Taylor has been vocal about her love burns -- maybe dating older men like John Mayer cured her of wanting an experienced guy? Or maybe Conor, who is a Kennedy, after all, has already had enough life experience to make him a good match for a young woman who has had a career since she herself was a teen?

Obviously, something is working for both of them. And I think most of us want Taylor to finally find happiness.

But with an 18-year-old? He doesn't really have a clue about what he's going to do with his life yet. Other than be a Kennedy. Well, who am I to judge? I hope it goes well for them. But I'm entitled to my opinion, and I think it's a little odd. Just sayin'.

Do you think Taylor is too old for Conor?


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Tripl... TripleC14

I wouldn't want a 23yr old dating my 18yr old. 5yrs isn't a huge deal later in life, but in high school, that's a lot.


Being that I can't stand her for what she writes about, I do think at this time, she's too old for him. In a few years it won't matter but for now, it's time for Taylor to put on her big girl panties and stop rushing men into things and if they don't agree with her, writing nasty songs about them. It's also time for her to broaden her musical horizons. She'll soon be too old for all these "he did this to me" songs. How dumb is she to keep falling for these so called "losers?" Wake up and learn from your mistakes. She moves way too fast for most men.

nonmember avatar Mike

She is 22 he is 18, both legal adults leave them alone!

nonmember avatar FAXCE

Conor and Taylor's relationship is working because Conor is more mature than an average 18 year old. He's smart and he manage now hislate mother estate plus he has the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings. THAT TAKES MATURITY. There are guys who are older than him whos not more mature than him. And if Conor was 22 and Taylor is the one whos 18, no one would complain which is absurd.


LOL FAXCE. You know them????? How the heck do you know what he does? I'm sure there are plenty of servants taking care of his siblings and lawyers taking care of that estate. Give me a break. Also, you really should proofread if you want people to take you seriously.

Cody Skaggs

he's still in HS?! I mean Tay is talented and all, but...that's kind of ewwwwy, even for her.

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