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nonmember avatar Zuri

WTF are these??? Aren't sex toys weird enough on their own?

4cadi... 4cadillac

sum people have sick desires.

RoseAnne G Di Nubila

Oh, MAN! This has to be the Best AND Most FUNNY Article I have read on here yet! WTG on this one Sasha-Brown Worsham! I laughed my ass off at this article, and your take on them! High 5!

ididn... ididntdoit111

I laughed so hard over the Anal Ring Toss I almost rolled off the couch!!

nonmember avatar Leo H.

HEY! Let's not get all sexist here. I don't believe ring toss is expected to be a female receiving toy. I don't see anything about that that doesn't say, unisex opportunity.
If he's man enough. ;-)

Carol99 Carol99

I thought they were all hilarious except the spandex suit.  You could suffocate.

Oksan... Oksana5041

the blow job machine looks like a penis, whops, pencil sharpener

Mort U. Weary

the virgin mary dildo is but one of an entire collection of christian themed sex toys, including  jesus butt plug. I suppose the idea is if you are going to  plot a course to hell, may as well buy the first class ticket. and holy f*ck, why aould anyone want to e wrapped in tht scary god awful purple bndage thingy? I feel trapped if my belt is too tight.

nonmember avatar Darein

I have to say the only thing crazy I saw in this was the way that they were being reacted to. I have worked for years as a trainer in the world of BDSM and I have seen things that would make most people lock themselves away and fear for the light of day. The simple fact is that each one of these has its use and frankly most of them started out as psychological tools to help people express themselves more in ways they could not in public. As for the christian themed toys and such there is a rule that states 'The more innocent and pure a thing is the more pleasure there comes from corrupting it' In most cases the idea behind these things is to express yourself in a way that the world typically looks down on in a place where you are comfortable and can trust the other person to not destroy you or expose you, unless ofcourse you are into that sort of thing. If you truely want to be disturbed then you should write a piece on a trend a few years ago called Splitting. Otherwise I found each one you refer to as scary to be frankly barely scratching the surface and boring.

nonmember avatar DCOLEJR

That binder suit is nice and all but what the hell are you supposed to do with/in it? Pointless.

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