Emily Maynard & Jef Holm’s ‘Easy’ Wedding Could Tear Them Apart

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emily maynard jef holmSo I guess Bachelorette Emily Maynard and her reality lover Jef Holm really are, in fact, going to get married. Emily told Life & Style that wedding planning has been so easy because, basically, Jef does whatever she wants. Apparently, Em's been planning her big day since she was young, and has all the details worked out.

If I executed the wedding I had in mind as a little girl, I'd wear a basketball jersey, feed everyone Skittles, and dance my face off to Zack Attack, but I suppose that's neither here nor there. It's Emily's day, and she can do whatever she wants. Mostly.

I mean, shouldn't Jef have some say?

It sounds like Jef subscribes to the idea of "happy wife, happy life," but I don't know, that sounds like a recipe for resentment in the long run. Here's what Em said:

It’s been so easy. I’ll show Jef the ugliest thing in the world, and he’ll be like, "Whatever you want, I want."

Oh, Jef Jef Jef Jef Jef Jef JEF. That's sweet. Hope you enjoy showing up to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage and dancing your first dance to Spice Girls' "2 Become 1."

Not that Emily's planning those things, but still. I've never fully subscribed to the notion that a man should only try and make his wife happy. I know in that Men/Mars Women/Venus book, they talk about how men are fulfilled by fulfilling the needs of a woman, and yes, that's gotta be true on a lot of levels, but come on, if a guy says yes to everything, he's going to lose his sense of self faster than you can say, "I had no idea you liked full body pillows that much."

It's important to have a partnership. If one person, regardless if it's the man or the woman, is calling all the shots, the balance of power is off, and happiness is at jeopardy.

If Jef wants a happy wife and a happy life, he should speak up a little bit, starting with the wedding.

Do you believe in the "happy wife, happy life" philosophy?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

Are you actually married, Lindsay? Because this is just the WEDDING. A one day event that aside from the "technicality" of it all, usually means more to the woman than the man when it comes to what flavor the cake was to what the bridesmaids would wear. Frankly, I would wonder about ANY husband who was actually interested in planning a wedding. Sorry, ladies...the only thing important to the groom is what kind of beer they will be serving at the reception. And how ridiculous to imply this is going to set a bad prescedent for their marriage because he can't, how did you put it, "speak up a little bit"? Stuuuuupid.

nonmember avatar AmandaCM

They are so cute together :)

Alex M Lotze

I agree with what Michelle said. I am not married (I am only 18) but my mom tells me countless time how my dad had very little input on their wedding. He could have cared less about most of it. They have been married for 22 years now. I think that most men don't really care about much of the small details of the wedding, not to say they don't care about who they are marrying or the idea of marriage. They just aren't really into choosing a cake flavor or table decor. That is what women are into. And so the men let the women go gaga and have fun with that stuff

Dawn Wendel

I totally agree with Michelle! At my wedding I planned most of it and my husband just did what I ask him to do. Girls are the ones who dream of their wedding from a young age. Letting the women have most of the say just shows her how much she is loved and it starts a marriage out on the right foot!!!           

Sheryl Kirkland

MOST men dont really care what the wedding is like~ my husband said the same thing~ not sure why you're trying to create drama out of nothing~ weddings are one the best days that a woman gets to create ~ my hubby had a few says here and there but for the most part what i wanted~ he wanted!!! He did want to decide where our honeymoon was (no surprise there to be honest with you)!

nonmember avatar Occasions

It's not uncommon for the groom to leave all the details to the bride. There is a reason it is traditionally called "her day."

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