Kelsey Grammer Mentions 'Camille' & 'Sex' in the Same Sentence -- Uh Oh (VIDEO)

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kelsey grammerWho enjoys tossed salad, scrambled eggs, and went for over 10 years without having sex? Kelsey Grammer. The Boss star sat down with Conan O'Brien and cleared up a rumor he read that said he and then-girlfriend Kayte Walsh had sex the first night they met at a time when he was still married to his wife, Camille, of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame. He wants us to know that he and Kayte didn't sleep together, they just kissed for a few hours, then called it a night. When Conan asked if that was difficult, Kelsey quipped that it wasn't hard, and implied that he'd had some practice in the unsaid blue-ball department, since he hadn't had sex for a decade.

The hits to Camille just keep on comin'. If I were Kayte, I'd be pissed.

Let it go already, you know? You're divorced, the marriage is over, bringing Camille into conversations just seems tacky. Kelsey managed to undermine his I-kissed-a-girl-while-married-but-I-didn't-have-sex-with-her-so-I'm-a-good-guy defense by then slamming his ex at the end of the story. Kayte should be alarmed by her new husband's ability to seek and destroy with words. It's not flattering.

That, and come on, do couples really go 10 years without having sex? I can see if you're both octogenarians and get tired just thinking about getting up the stairs, but when you're in your 40s, a decade of non-intercourse with your spouse seems hard to believe. Even though Camille and Kelsey's kids were delivered by a surrogate, I still don't buy for a second that they hadn't done it in a decade. If that's true, then, man, why did they wait so long to divorce? You'd think five years of abstinence, let alone 10, would be enough to get the divorce attorneys on the horn.

Can't wait to hear what Camille has to say about all this.

Would you be alarmed if your husband kept talking badly about his ex?


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loves... lovesouldoula

Ugh.disgusting. that's the exact kind of treatment his new wife has to look forward to.

Michele Winant

His comments speak volumes about the person he is....

Jscot... Jscott1216

He's a disgusting pig and a pathetic excuse for a man. And if he has no qualms talking about his ex this way, then he most certainly will have no problem talking about his new wife that way. I used to love the show Frasier but when all this came out about the way he treated his ex and just women in general just the sight of him disgusts me!

Carol Opie

He had an interview with Oprah in which he said he didn't want to talk about her much, just a inute or so and then he wwent on to say that their marriage had been over a long time.  Camille also eluded to the fact they hadn't had sex in quite some time. 

One thing that Kelsey talked about was the he was "very adventurous" in a sexual way.  that leads me to wonder if there wasn't somethig a bit unusual and whether the cross dressing had possibly taken place.  On Camille's side, I can see why she was so sensual on the first season, she seemed to be overtly flirtatious with men, etc.  Obviously, neither of them were satisfied for whatever reason and it really doesn't matter, does it?

Whatever the case is, Kelsey quit talking about her.  She seems to have moved on, so why don't you?  He has a very successful career, one that Camille helped him establish when he was down and out and recovering from cocaine and alcohol abuse.  My understanding is that he didn't have anything at the time they met, had lost it all.  So Camille you are entitled to the money you're getting.  Now let's keep it moving...

Judith Grant Lombardo

He is just garbage...she has moved on, and boy has she moved on with one hunk of a man..I think he is just jealous now, cause she is happy with someone with qualities he never had, he thinks he is being cute, but it shows what an a$$ he really is,,,I will never watch ANYTHING that man is in,,,tv show, movie, nothing, He is a poor excuse for a man, and Camille is lucky to be done with him..Camille, keep doing what your doing and ignore the jerk, he is total garbage!!!!


Eileen Violet

If she turned him down for that long, I don't blame him at all...she strikes me as shallow and cold...if my husband bashed his ex would it alarm me?  Depends, is he being honest, or not?  If he's saying they didnt' have sex, and they didn't, is sharing personal details bashing? 

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