My Worst Household Habits (Fine, I'll Confess!)

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my husband's most annoying household fails -- the cereal bowl perched near (but not IN) the dishwasher/sink, the dirty clothes on the floor next to the hamper, the toilet paper roll balanced carefully on top of the holder, etc. (I realize now I forgot to document my favorite husband move of all time: the TISSUE BOX placed on the FLOOR under the EMPTY TOILET PAPER TUBE because hey who doesn't love wiping their ass with KLEENEX.)

I felt a little guilty after I shared those images, because, well, I have to be fair -- I have some terrible household habits too. Maybe you'll identify with some of these, maybe you won't, but at least I'll have balanced out my karmic debt for so joyfully throwing my husband under the bus.

Behold, a few of the chronically irritating things I do around the house, which my long-suffering husband has been putting up with for over 10 years now:

Personally, I'm not happy with a junk drawer until it's a complete and utter shitshow. This one's actually in pretty good shape, considering we just moved a couple weeks ago. Give me another month and this will be roiling with all sorts of useless crap, startled moths, and Band-Aid wrappings.

My husband LOVES it when I leave on every light in the house, especially in broad daylight. Really, he does.

See that healthful collection of fruit? I can almost guarantee you I will forget about at least one of those things -- probably the pear -- until it's completely decomposed, right there on the shelf that I look at every single day of my goddamned life. If I had a superpower, it would be Leaving Perfectly Good Food to Rot and Transform Into a Fruit-Fly-Ridden Pile of Mushy Horror.

I can't defend myself. I know it's annoying, and stupid, and I should probably be dragged out back and horsewhipped for it. But I cannot screw a jar back on to save my life.

There are maybe one or two things here that belong to my husband. Isn't it a joy he gets to share a bathroom with me? I'm obviously such a considerate and tidy roommate.

This is probably even worse than the jar thing, right? I ... I don't know why I do this. It even makes ME crazy. And YET.

I saved the worst for last. You know how when you blow your nose, you throw the used tissue in the trash like a civilized human being, because the alternative would be unspeakably disgusting and rude? Well sometimes ... I ... sort of ... just ... carelessly toss it on the counter and forget about it. I know. I KNOW.

There! I feel a little better for making fun of my husband a while ago, because clearly I have some habits that are far worse than his. Whew. Feels like time to make a PB&J now, and maybe flip on some lights.

Do you have any habits that drive your husband crazy?

Images via Linda Sharps



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Gypsy... GypsyMa76

Ha ha ha ha, I do the same damn things! Lmfao! I feel less alone in the world now :)

Kaitlyn Faile

My husband does the light and cabinet thing too! I prefer to look at it as a lovable quirk, otherwise I'd be perpetually pissed off at him - and that's no fun for anyone! :)

Kim Aaron Fanning

I'm right there with you on the junk drawer and the fruit bowl. I used to be a bathroom hog too, but baby jesus smiled on us and finally afforded us a house where we each have our own potty room. I now fully believe 2 bathroom houses save marriages.

nonmember avatar CrystMP

Lmao the junk drawer and the lights I've been doing for forever but the cabinet thing just started or me and its not fun, I've even occasionally left the fridge wide open only to remember I've done it when my I hear my husband say "wtf babe?!" Lol I drive myself crazy I can't imagine the type of crazy he's going to be in a few years

nonmember avatar Kaycee

I leave the cabinet doors open too. I hate myself for it. My husband is completely unable to throw empty cereal boxes away. Makes me stinkin' crazy!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Mine is apparently leaving water glasses on the floor by the sofa to be kicked over. I think that after living with me for so long my husband should know that I keep a water glass on the floor when I'm sitting on the sofa and just watch where he's swinging his giant feet. Is it really so unreasonable to keep a drink on hand during movie night?

Claire Mischker

OMG, I thought the cabinet thing was a guy thing (as I've only heard girlfriends complain about their husbands/significant others doing it) I know. I will eff up a junk drawer faster than you can find things to put in it, and I too have the rot-produce super power. Sigh.

Claire Mischker

Oh, I meant to add that my friend & I, who's SO's are cabinet-door-leaving-open CHAMPS, refer to ourselves as Vanna White when we have to close up the kitchen behind them. If only it were that glamorous.

Jespren Jespren

I totally do the tissue thing, but that's mostly because by the time I'm sick enough to actually go buy a box of tissue I'm well past the 'get up and walk across the room every two minutes to throw the darn things away' you'd think i'd just put a garbage bag next to wherever I'm convalescing, but the idea always escapes me when it's time. My husband does have a bad habit of leaving the freezer door ajar.

cjsma... cjsmami29

The junk drawer is so me! I even "clean" it but more stuff goes back in than gets tossed haha. OMG my husband does the cabinet thing every morning! Every cabinet, drawer, and closet he uses, drives me nuts ! lol

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