Kristen Stewart's Rumored Rebound Only Makes Her Look Desperate

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Kristen StewartUm -- how long has it been since Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson? Like five seconds? Well, if there's any hope of her redeeming herself and trying to repair her scarred reputation, hopping into a rebound romance isn't going to help matters. On that note, the rumor about Kristen going on a date with James Franco at the Toronto International Film Festival makes it sound like she's looking for some action to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Apparently James and Kristen were spotted chatting (gasp!) for a bit, which ended with him asking her to have dinner with him. (Huh. That sure sounds like it has all the makings of a first date.)

And another source supposedly saw the pair "looking flirty" at the Toronto Soho House, and says, "Kristen went to a mysterious third floor and James followed her." (Scan-dal-ous, I tell you!)

I guess there's really nothing wrong with these two hooking up since they're both single and in every position to mingle, but doesn't getting cozy with another actor so soon after her split from Rob make Kristen seem just a little bit desperate? If she is already moving on and getting chummy with other guys, then it sure contradicts the statements she made about everything being "fine" with Robert Pattinson. Hooking up with James Franco isn't exactly a recipe for a reconciliation -- I'm just sayin'.

And considering just how fresh the cheating scandal is, Kristen better watch her back, because there's a good chance men will see her as a sure bet for a quick fling, not girlfriend material. Sure, there's always the chance that someone like James Franco could see beyond her affair with Rupert Sanders and still want to date her, but her actions will always be in the back of anyone's mind who gets serious with her from this point forward.

If Kristen knows what's good for her, she'll lay low for a bit longer before looking for love again. The more the dust settles, the better the chance of her actually finding real happiness with a decent guy. (And hopefully the next time she snags one, she'll learn from her mistakes and treat him right.)

Is it too soon for Kristen to be dating again?


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Mari Tan

If this is true, James Franco doesn't care a bit about  Kristen..  He needed to use her, his name is getting stale, he is going nowhere.  What a 34 years old guy doing with a 22.  If kristen bite into it, she is only asking for a headache.


nonmember avatar Stefani

Tired of Saint Rob. He is unforgiving and feels too good to even hear someone out who you supposedly loved for 4yrs. Find Alex P. Join the cast of "Cali" again cause he would be playing your love interest. You've begged Rob enough. He's not listening so f--- him. Most people have made similar mistakes, they just weren't published.

nonmember avatar Cassandra

You guys believe this? Seriously? Ready between Mary's lines in this article. She has no facts, she's just stirring the pot. Knock it off Mary, makes your "job" look really unprofessional & you an idiot. You aren't any better than a gossip trash rag like National Inquirer. Glad to know these articles are the best you can offer at your job.

Bing Lagon Smith

she can date any men she fancy married  or not doesnt make any difference to her anway thats proben already.

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