Kristen Stewart's Rumored Rebound Only Makes Her Look Desperate

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Kristen StewartUm -- how long has it been since Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson? Like five seconds? Well, if there's any hope of her redeeming herself and trying to repair her scarred reputation, hopping into a rebound romance isn't going to help matters. On that note, the rumor about Kristen going on a date with James Franco at the Toronto International Film Festival makes it sound like she's looking for some action to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Apparently James and Kristen were spotted chatting (gasp!) for a bit, which ended with him asking her to have dinner with him. (Huh. That sure sounds like it has all the makings of a first date.)

And another source supposedly saw the pair "looking flirty" at the Toronto Soho House, and says, "Kristen went to a mysterious third floor and James followed her." (Scan-dal-ous, I tell you!)

I guess there's really nothing wrong with these two hooking up since they're both single and in every position to mingle, but doesn't getting cozy with another actor so soon after her split from Rob make Kristen seem just a little bit desperate? If she is already moving on and getting chummy with other guys, then it sure contradicts the statements she made about everything being "fine" with Robert Pattinson. Hooking up with James Franco isn't exactly a recipe for a reconciliation -- I'm just sayin'.

And considering just how fresh the cheating scandal is, Kristen better watch her back, because there's a good chance men will see her as a sure bet for a quick fling, not girlfriend material. Sure, there's always the chance that someone like James Franco could see beyond her affair with Rupert Sanders and still want to date her, but her actions will always be in the back of anyone's mind who gets serious with her from this point forward.

If Kristen knows what's good for her, she'll lay low for a bit longer before looking for love again. The more the dust settles, the better the chance of her actually finding real happiness with a decent guy. (And hopefully the next time she snags one, she'll learn from her mistakes and treat him right.)

Is it too soon for Kristen to be dating again?


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Sam Samantha

i don't believe the affair ever happened. I think it is a HUGE publicity stunt and it worked regardless of what we think. The pictures looked posed with Rupert Sanders like it was all set up on purpose.

I believe their agents and the big companies they both work for brought the idea up of this fake scandal just to create a big hoo hah because the last Twilight movie is coming up soon and the hooplah will soon die down,soon in the movie world, and they definitely wanted to make sure this last movie and the actors were remembered for a much longer time than if they had done nothing.


I don't know about Robert Pattinson if he is gay or bi or not, which there is nothing wrong with that if he is.

Don't believe everything you hear or read in the media...Celebrities are PRIME TARGETS for this kind of BullCHit....



nonmember avatar Clarissa

This poor girl! When can we move on from this? Isn't there someone else in Hollywood you can pick on??

April Marchant

well life moves on i guess, i was hoping they( meaning r & k) would work it out, but i guess not : ( . Still can't wait for breaking dawn 2. I am not sure who the new guy is , but i am sure he will be a looker, after all she is a very pretty young lady 

April Marchant

ok just looked up franco and omg you go kstew i do believe you have choosen well. Lets see what happens shall we?

twili... twilightsbella

Proves she aint nothing but a hoe.

Alma Verdejo Flores

I'm so sick of people blaming K. Stewart alone. There were two people involved in the the affair and BOTH should be blamed. So get off your high horse and let K. Stewart do whatever she wants. She's single now and if she wants to move on, she has that right.

nonmember avatar ang

Who cares what she does? Honestly, there r more important issues in the world....yes, even more important than who's dating who.....

nonmember avatar JAMIE

YES!! Its 2 soon! But then again im kind of glad she did what she did because Rob deserves beter then that! thr still young and of course its goin 2 hurt wr human!! I just hope he dosent go back 2 her rt away at least! Cause this is wr they need 2 figrue thr lives out and see whats goin on in the world now that thr single! They'll know if thr ready 2 try again or just desided that it would be best 2 just be friends! like i said thr still young and every one changes as u get older! So im kind of glad that she did it early in thr realationship cause now they can live life and go out with friends family or whatever and with out feeling tied down!

nonmember avatar Jessa

This is a really bitchy & judgemental article. She's what, 22? And every little move she makes is critized & dissected by people like you. As if any of us were saints at that age. She's making mistakes & dealing with them just like all of us have to. Let me guess, you're a Twilight fan & can't believe she would do that to Edward? SMH

Kate Song

who cares. She's only 22. it was stupid for her to "move in" with Rob Patterson in the first place. She can date whomever she wants and so can Rob.

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