Kristen Stewart's Rumored Rebound Only Makes Her Look Desperate

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Kristen StewartUm -- how long has it been since Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson? Like five seconds? Well, if there's any hope of her redeeming herself and trying to repair her scarred reputation, hopping into a rebound romance isn't going to help matters. On that note, the rumor about Kristen going on a date with James Franco at the Toronto International Film Festival makes it sound like she's looking for some action to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Apparently James and Kristen were spotted chatting (gasp!) for a bit, which ended with him asking her to have dinner with him. (Huh. That sure sounds like it has all the makings of a first date.)

And another source supposedly saw the pair "looking flirty" at the Toronto Soho House, and says, "Kristen went to a mysterious third floor and James followed her." (Scan-dal-ous, I tell you!)

I guess there's really nothing wrong with these two hooking up since they're both single and in every position to mingle, but doesn't getting cozy with another actor so soon after her split from Rob make Kristen seem just a little bit desperate? If she is already moving on and getting chummy with other guys, then it sure contradicts the statements she made about everything being "fine" with Robert Pattinson. Hooking up with James Franco isn't exactly a recipe for a reconciliation -- I'm just sayin'.

And considering just how fresh the cheating scandal is, Kristen better watch her back, because there's a good chance men will see her as a sure bet for a quick fling, not girlfriend material. Sure, there's always the chance that someone like James Franco could see beyond her affair with Rupert Sanders and still want to date her, but her actions will always be in the back of anyone's mind who gets serious with her from this point forward.

If Kristen knows what's good for her, she'll lay low for a bit longer before looking for love again. The more the dust settles, the better the chance of her actually finding real happiness with a decent guy. (And hopefully the next time she snags one, she'll learn from her mistakes and treat him right.)

Is it too soon for Kristen to be dating again?


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Ali Stolpe

Really stupid that people judge like that. she is young, not married and made a mistake a lot of people make. So, she is dating someone or not. Her business. Judge not less be judged your self.

Jackie Short Fleury

just another rumor. and besides that what is the stink about? didnt rob start seeing women along time ago. get a life and leave them two alone.

Heather Hallett

It's her business.  So, I don't care what she does.  Twilight is good.  Robert Blake's stuff was good back in the day, doesn't mean I think he's a great person now that i've seen what he'd do.  The work should stand alone, what the actor's do (unless as in Robert Blake's case, involves murder or something illegal/agregious to the law) should really just be their private lives we don't have to care about.

Lisa Brewster

you need a new job! have you written about all the rumors of Rob dating, flirting, sexting, ? Why don't you turn your talons onto the next poor couple and leave these two alone.

Jeannie Seely

Like Rob said most of what we read on the sites is made up or streched way out beyond the truth. No way. She is still wearing her heart on her sleeve for Rob. She would not take a chance on Franco. Just like Rob is dating Katy Perry and Rhianna. Give her a break and maybe we will finally get the truth about what happened. Please people give her some credit, she is smarter than that.

Oleta Lynn Sylvia

Why is that you go after Kristen when Rob has been seen out with Katy. So what if they both talk to other people. It's ficken holleywood. Get a grip. People talk. Stop harpping just on Kriten. Go after the producer. She is in her 20's life is life. Things happen to everyone.

Connie Ahles Stennes

Isn't the rumor that James Franco is gay? Or is it OK because she is rumored to be a lesbian? Or does she need to cover up because she's pregnant? All this is just crap rumor. She and Rob will sort this out by themselves, whether they stay together or not. IT'S NOT ANY OF OUR BUSINESS! I don't believe any of this gossip junk.

Jo Chapman

Why is it o.k. for Rob to be out with all these other women, having dinner or crying on their shoulder but if Kristen talks to another man then she's a whore. People I don't understand you, did she hold a gun on this director to get him to cheat on his wife? I don't condon what she did but it took two and she is taking all the blame... Enough is enough..

nonmember avatar Michelle

@Deb if gossiping isn't a full time job, WHY are you wasting minutes of your day commenting on a blog about a celebrity story? Commenters like you are sometimes the reason I read the comments...WHY DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE if YOU DON'T CARE?!!?

Alexzandra Haberlin

Damn let the girl go out and get some if she wants how long is long enough for the fans it is never so congrats to her for moving on and living her life!

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