Man Accused of Killing Girlfriend After She Told Him She Had HIV -- Do You Blame Him?

larry dunn jr.Here's a story that's pretty much terrible on all levels. A man in Texas is being accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death and leaving her dead body to be discovered by her children when his girlfriend informed him, after they had sex, that she was HIV positive. Thirty-six-year-old Larry Dunn Jr. allegedly lost his cool when Cicely Bolden, 28, shared she had the disease. Dunn ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and began stabbing her. He then burned his clothes and the weapon and threw them away in a Waffle House dumpster. The police later retrieved the evidence.

But what Larry told the police after his arrest is possibly the most disturbing part of the story.

The Dallas police say Dunn confessed to the crime, saying, "She killed me, so I killed her."

First of all, I cannot imagine the rage that coursed through his veins after Cicely broke the news. She betrayed him, she lied to him, and she put him in danger. Had she told him before they had sex, had she laid out the facts about being in a relationship with someone who's HIV positive, had they dealt with the disease together, instead of separately, maybe the day wouldn't have ended in death. It was unequivocally a reckless and selfish mistake, but did she deserve to be murdered? Absolutely not. 

Especially since having sex with a woman who is HIV positive is in no way a guarantee that the man will contract the disease. Government research states:

In general, the risk of a man getting HIV from a woman during vaginal intercourse in the United States is low -- probably less than 1 of 1,000 exposures will result in actual infection.

Dunn jumped to conclusions and made a drastic and horrifying decision. Had he asked some questions or taken a beat before taking Cicely's life, things might have turned out differently.

When Cicely's 7- and 8-year-old children came home from school, they found their mother's lifeless body. A neighbor heard the children's cries and took the kids in temporarily; they're now with their father, Cicely's ex-husband, who says the kids are doing "OK."

Dunn's bond is half a million dollars and he's being charged with murder. At this point, there's no word on whether or not he is HIV positive.

What do you think about this story?


Photo via Dallas County Sheriff's Department

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nonmember avatar shelly

Uh...yeah. I blame him. Seriously?

bobek bobek

Having sex with an HIV positive person is probably less dangerous than stabbing them...

nonmember avatar ashley

Can double jeopardy somehow be applied here? There have already been cases tried against men for attempted murder and 1st degree murder, 1st degree assult with intent to do bodily harm. I think this man had a natural reaction to a set of circumstances in which his life was directly threatened. He had a violent reaction to the source of his threat. Its understandable. She had shown NO respect for his life why should we care about hers?

SassB SassB

Having unprotected sex is a risk you have to accept, ignoramous or not.

nonmember avatar meghan

So scared of HIV he stabbed her, spraying her infected blood all over the room, possibly cutting himself in the process? Give me a break.

nonmember avatar Christie

I don't think he had the right to kill her at all....but I do see how this happened, and I do see how he is justifying, as well. I think that with a good lawyer that he will be able to at least plead down to a manslaughter charge by using temporary insanity as his plea....he'd have been better off if he hadn't tried to destroy evidence.

jalaz77 jalaz77

He is an idiot. To leave her for the kids to find made this worse. What she did was so so wrong what he did was barbaric and maybe he should be using a condom, even though there is still a risk but it's low.

Ashley-you do see where she had kids right? Why should they have to suffer that way?? He should of went to the cops and let thing work out how they are suppose to. He had no right killing her that way. Sad that you agree with the killing...

Vincent Eagan

Yes, I blame him! What kind of stupid question is that?

Were it not for one detail, I might have a bit of sympathy for him and understand he made a mistake in a fit of rage. But there was a detail that he just left her body there for her young children to find! That's not a man at all.

angel... angelbenson7611

They found the evidence at the waffle house i work at. He shouldnt have killed her. It wasn't his place.

nonmember avatar blh

Getting aids is my worst fear. I always said that if I got it I'd kill the person who gave it to me bc id have nothing else to live for. He could've ya know waited and git tested. I'm not saying he's RIGHT but that woman was a c*nt.

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