5 Ways to Get in Shape While You're Having Sex

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Most of us love a good romp in the sack -- it's fun to get butt-naked and down and dirty. The problem is, sometimes, when we've been with the same partner, we find ourselves in the same old position having the same old sex every couple of days. Is it good? Sure. Satisfying? Yes. But is it all there is?

NO. You can get creative. But guess what? You can also get in shape while having sex! Seriously!

Here are some ways to make sex a body-sculpting workout. Bye-bye, gym!

1) Girl on Top - This may be an old standby for some, but for me it's nearly impossible to do. I don't bend that way easily, and if I get on up there, I need a support system to hold me in place. So I use the bed frame when needed and work out those thigh muscles so I'll someday be able to do it all easy style.

2) Missionary (Plus Legs) - The most common position, missionary, does very little for your legs and abdominal muscles ... until you throw said legs in the air (like you just don't care ... sorry, had to). If it's not easy at first, try using pillows for support and rest when needed -- or have your partner hold them up for you.

3) Changing It On Up - There's no reason to stay in one position the whole time you're getting it on. So change it up. Crawl on top, let him crawl on top, and flip a few more times throughout. Not only will it make sex last longer, it will help you tone a whole bunch of muscles you rarely use (kind of like tennis, unless you're a tennis pro).

4) Doggie Style - There are a lot of women who don't like this position. It's uncomfortable sometimes, it's awkward sometimes, but it's also incredibly good exercise for your thighs. So give it a gander and see if it works out. You can always tell your partner "not so deep," and try slowing it down, which might feel better.

5) Find Another Place - There are zillions of places in the house to attack each other in lust aside from the old standby bedroom, including the bathroom, which comes with a bonus locking door. Grab the sink and hold on for dear life. This position allows for some really kick-ass-looking legs if you can hold them steady. Just remember that jelly legs afterward mean you've done it right!

What are some other awesome body-sculpting sex moves you've tried?


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nonmember avatar Chrissy

My hubby and I hae sex on the deck railing while I stand on the rails... killer for your legs! Also in our old jeep with my legs up on the roll bar (while parked of course!)

nonmember avatar Brit

I suck at being on top. I don't know if its because I'm so short (under 5 foot) so its hard for my legs to reach around the man's body, plus try to go up and down, when basically he is entirely in me just on my knees in bed. And I find being on top hurts more than anything. It seems to be every guys favorite position, but I SUCK at it. No matter how many times I try, I never get better....

nonmember avatar Ann

Brit- try stayin on ur feet and kinda squating instead of bein on your knees. You can go up n down easier and you can control the depth. :o) And that is a killer workout for your legs. Makes me so sore but we love it!

nonmember avatar Mary

While on top, just grind. Do hip circles in both directions, really engaging your core while you do them. (Your obliques should be pulling each side of your hips up and around.) Not only does this work a generally flabby area, but it feels amazing!

While standing, have him enter you from behind. With your back flat (not rounded!), bend over as far as you can. This is a good strength workout as you keep your balance (he can help by holding your hips) and it improves flexibility in the backs of your legs.

nonmember avatar AKA

I'd rather stay fat than get on top ever again. But I sleep or read during sex. I don't get what the big deal is about sex.

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