Kim Kardashian & Beyonce Don't Have to Like Each Other

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Kim KardashianSo, Jay-Z and Kanye West appeared in concert together in Philadelphia this weekend, and the two besties had a total bromance going on onstage. But the way the gossip rags tell it, the mushy gushy feelings did not leak over to Kanye's girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z's wife Beyonce. The ladies had pretty much nothing to do with one another, leading them all to unload a heaping helping of pity on poor Kim K's shoulders because Bey gave her the cold shoulder.

Ahem, sorry to pop the balloons and trash the streamers, but is the pity party really in order here? This isn't ninth grade, y'all: it's OK for couples to ... gasp ... have their own friends!

The hating on Kim thing has been going on for awhile here. Remember the gif of Jay-Z oh so carefully shying away from a Kim K hug during the BET Awards? Everyone was all "oh snap," Kim just got dissed!

And now we're hearing Beyonce didn't even acknowledge that Kim was at the Made in America Festival until the whole thing was almost over. Of course Kim had her own pals there, including West and buddy Jonathan Cheban, but still it's all "aww, poor Kimmie can't get Beyonce to pay attention to her."

Can we stop trying to throw these two ladies together? Now? It's insulting to both of them.

The whole "women must like each other because their men like each other" or vice versa is pretty 1950s. It's no longer the little woman's job to make nicey nice in the kitchen with her husband's colleague's wife. We're beyond that! And thank God.

In the real world, finding couples who both you and your significant other like to hang with is HARD. I say this from experience.

My husband likes my best friend's husband, but they're entirely different people. My husband is into sports and video games. Hers likes to hunt and build things. They run out of things to talk about pretty quickly. And we, the wives, work around it because hey, we've known each other since fourth grade: that's well before either of us met either of our guys. We're not going to drop each other over a guy.

Nor would we expect our guys to fake it for us. That wouldn't be fair.

Kanye and Jay-Z may be best friends for life. Kimye may even make it official one day. But that doesn't mean Kim and Beyonce have to be joined at the hip to be happy too.

Let's give BOTH of these ladies a little credit and let them make their own friendships, OK?

Do you have any couple friends? Do you ever pretend to like the other half of a couple just to make your significant other happy?


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Torra... TorranceMom

No one is saying that they have to become best friends because their significant others happen to be. However, it doesn't take anything away from either Beyonce or Kim to be cordial to the other. What ever happened to simply being polite?

DebaLa DebaLa

I'm sure Beyonce is losing sleep over this... she's got it all over Kim. She's far above doing anything just for appearances. Good for Beyonce and her integrity!

And did it occur to anyone that Kanye's using Kim as well (as vice versa)? She may have met her match on that score. It'll be interesting to see whose 'brand' suddenly gets more play.

angel... angelofsaturn

i guess my fiance and i have couple friends(he's cool with my friend's husband and obviously me and my friend are cool).

do we all hang out?

no cause we all have different work schedules but when we get together at parties everyone hangs out and stuff.

it's not like we make stink faces at each other. lol

Jscot... Jscott1216

We have a few couple friends. We all get along. As for beyonce and Kim honestly I can't stand either one of them. I agree with poster above who said whatever happened to just being polite. Common courtesy. But I think beyonce constantly comes off as a snob and Kim's a whiney little attention whore. So frankly who reallys cares. They don't like each other big deal not the end of the world. Although I do agree why the hell would she like Kim. She works hard and Kim just works for the attention.

Julie Kankai

Jeanne I love how you wrote this article, GREAT job. It was real, straight to the point, just beautiful!!

chels... chelseamcnorman

Jeanne-- I usually steer clear of celeb gossip... but watching KK is like watching a silicone train wreck, hard to look away sometimes, and your article was actually well-written...

As for the B vs. K issue, I don't think B was avoiding her for any reason other than the fact that Beyonce likes her privacy, and Kim comes with cameras. Besides, Kim's tears aren't fooling anyone; the only reason she begged Beyonce to be her friend in the first place is because she thinks it'll attract even more cameras. Beyonce, however, has NO use for Kim; after all, what use does a businesswoman/wife/mom have for a whore/whore/whore?

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