Sex Confession: I Cheated On My Husband With a Famous Actor

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kissing shadow"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

Today's sex confession comes from Rose*, a 30-something married woman with two young kids. Before she married her husband, Kip, she cheated on him with a very well-known actor. She fears mentioning the actor will make her husband upset if he happens to read this, so she's keeping everything anonymous. Her story of infidelity is a fascinating one. While in a fully committed relationship with Kip, three years strong, she met this actor we'll call M. There was an instant attraction. Some drinks. And ... well, let's let Rose tell you the rest.

I was living in NYC at the time and Kip and I were even living together. Everything was great in our relationship and we even talked about marriage. One night I was out with some friends and playing pool at the back of the bar was M -- a very famous actor who played in quite a few movies I loved. I've seen many famous people living in NYC, but when I saw M it was different. I imagined him to be just like his character in this one movie and it gave me this false sense of already knowing him.

Shockingly, he was interested in me. He came up to me, flirted, bought me drinks. While my friends discouraged me from taking it further, my attraction to M was undeniable and I was willing to do whatever with him wherever he wanted. I ended up back at his apartment, my phone on silent after texting Kip that I wasn't going to be home that night and I'd explain in the morning. Kip sent numerous texts back, but I didn't respond. I was indulging in this fantasy, which ended up not being worth it at all. The sex was good, but as we were doing it, I started to sober up. I thought of Kip and how I was throwing all we had away. I made the biggest mistake of my life for some actor that really just wanted to get laid. M was nice, polite, sweet, he did nothing wrong.

I was the slut. A whore. A terrible cheat. Kip didn't deserve me. I confessed the whole story to him the next day. He broke up with me and I moved out a week later.

Aside from the few friends there that night with me, no one knew about what I had done. I don't think Kip told anyone who I cheated on him with, just that I had cheated. A year went by and I never stopped thinking of Kip and how much I wanted him back. Then fate brought us back together. I ran into him at a concert. He smiled at me and I smiled back. And that was it. We have been together again ever since. He forgave me. He married me. He gave me two amazing kids and he knows I would never cheat on him again. I have however given him a "free pass" if a situation ever presented itself to him. He swears he would never take it, but my guilt still to this day allows me to not ever hold it against him if he did.

What do you think of this confession? Do you think you would take the chance of sleeping with a celebrity and risk your relationship? Would you be able to forgive like Kip did?

*Names have been changed.

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nonmember avatar Happydad

You messed up. You admitted it. You told Lip the next day. Case closed. If he has forgiven you, forgive yourself and move on. Make sure though that you do not try to lead or pressure him into the same situation to try to sooth your guilt. Just let it be one of life's lessons and don't ever let yourself be put into a situation like that again.

vanci... vancitymom

Interesting! I think it would be hard for most people to resist something like this spend years fantasizing about these celebs you think you could never get and then opportunity presents itself.. I know cheating is always wrong but I think she's definitely not alone. Like I said I think a lot of people would have a really hard time saying no to something like this lol

Laura Jerpseth

I'm skeptical of this story. Sleeping with a celebrity sounds too unrealistic. It seems almost everything celebrities do ends up on the news. Shouldn't have this story gotten some serious publicity?


Situations like this is why DH and I have "The Epic Rule". Under certain circumstances (highly unlikely circumstances) a free pass is automaticly granted. We're both human, and at the end of the day it's his heart that really matters. The rest is just bonus.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Good for her! My husband has already told me if an opportunity arises with his celeb crush hes on it lol id be the same. We r only human. We all fantisize about these people. The event is so unlikely tho we dont think it would ever happen.

nonmember avatar shelly

No, I wouldn't. I would never think this fantasy could actually have a place in my real life. The guy doesn't want anything, but sex. Sex (except WITH my husband) is not that important to me. If I'm willing to risk everything for a fling that will ultimately not matter, my life needs a serious examination. I am an adult. I CHOSE to marry my husband, and vow to only be with him. What the hell is the point of being married, if we give "passes." Why not just shack up? I guarantee, that "pass" would be incredibly painful to a spouse, should one take it. People are pathetic. Be adults, or don't get married.

cmjaz cmjaz

To be fair, sounds like she was very drunk. Besides the first rule of 'dont cheat' the second rule would be 'dont drink'. It would sure make the first rule much easier to follow

Misty... Misty.Dawn

*I* would not be able to forgive being cheated on. My bf knows thats one of those screwups that he wont get a second chance to do. However, thats just me personally. I actually admire people who ARE able to forgive. I know they say as long as you love someone enough, you can forgive anything. But if i was loved enough, i wouldnt of been cheated on :/ in this situation, i agree with Happydad. As long as he forgives you, let it be a lesson & move on.

nonmember avatar rosaline

I agree somewhat with one of the commenters, I admire those who can whole heartily forgive their significant others because that is a trait that I lack. Needless to say, no one is perfect. At least she was honest with her partner.

jalaz77 jalaz77

The relationship ended and they grew. They got back together, all is forgiven and no I would not cheat with a celebrity cause I am married with 3 kids and with a 4th on the way. Now if I were in my 20's and not married, I probably would have done the same thing, sadly cause I had no intentions of settling down.


And to the poster who thinks this should have been in the news...well celebrities get by with A LOT that we know nothing about, we do not know every living thing about celebrities so I do believe this cause I have partied with a couple bands where things could of happened but I did not want to get caught up in something that was never going to be.

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