8 Flirting Mistakes You Don't Want To Make!

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Flirting comes pretty naturally to a lot of us - we've been doing it so long it's hard to remember how not to flirt. Others, well, we're not so great at flirting, which means we do stupid things when we try our darnedest to catch the eye of that one guy across the bar from you.

It happens. Mistakes happen.

Here are of the most common flirting mistakes.

1) Filling the empty silences with blabber about nothing. I'm hugely prone to this one - I hate silence, so I chatter through it. Instead of doing that, simply let the silence be.

2) Acting bitchy. Dudes don't dig bitchy women. So rather than complaining about your job, your roommate, your best friend's sister's boyfriend's girlfriend, be positive about your life. It's a good one!

3) Going on and on about yourself. You know you're fab, and if you let him talk about himself for a while, he'll know it too.

4) Being oblivious to boundaries. Personal boundaries are super important. Don't go out there expecting that each guy you meet is "The One," and therefore you should know everything about him, including date of birth, social security number, work ID number, etc. Give it time and don't invade anyone's space.

5) Talking about your exes. We all have 'em. Most of 'em suck (which is WHY they're exes). But if you go on and on about an old boyfriend, the guy you're crushing on is TOTALLY going to think you're still into him.

6) Staring at him. Looking at the guy appreciatively is no biggie, but when you just stare? He's probably going to get sicked out. It's creepy.

7) Getting too touchy-feely. If you're flirting with him, a casual hand on the arm for a couple of seconds is good. What's NOT good is to feel the guy up. It's not sexy on a first date.

8) Giving away too much too soon. Giving away too much too soon goes along pretty closely with personal boundaries, but it's slightly different. If you give the guy everything you ever want him to know without leaving any room for mystery, you're probably not going to get him knocking at your door to come back in.

What are some other common flirting mistakes? How do YOU avoid them?

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nonmember avatar Mariana

#2, would that mean the bff's sister's bf has 2 gf's? Lol

MommyBL MommyBL

@Mariana ~ I caught that too, lol!

I agree that these are all good tips...and that I'm guilty of them all at some point or another in my life! Even being in a long-term relationship (6+ years) these are good reminders for date nights...I think my biggest probably is the bitching, or silly chatter about my friend's or family's drama & stuff because I don't really get out enough on my own to have a whole lot to talk about other than my 2 year old!!

nonmember avatar viv

It appears that men and women have a different definition of flirting, if these are actually flirt tips and not a post about conversing with people in general. Act interested and be yourself, that's all you girls have to worry about. All this other stuff guys don't even care about, and wouldn't even come up if you were actually flirting...

butcher butcher

I am a GREAT flirter....i am touchy feely and i like it.  ;) these are rules if you are prude. lol just saying.

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