'Morning After' Wedding Photos Make Marriage Look Sexier Than Ever

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bedBy now, you've probably heard of boudoir photography -- in which brides-to-be (or any woman who wants to, for that matter) strips down for a pro photog to snap suggestive pics she'll share with her partner -- and day after wedding sessions, which offer couples the chance to take extra shots in their wedding wear on a less hurried, non-wedding day schedule. But you probably haven't heard about the trendy new "morning after" photography sessions yet ... As a bride-to-be, I'm pretty plugged into the wedding industry these days, and I sure hadn't!

The steamy shoots are meant to capture newylweds at their most intimate. Kind of like bride and groom boudoir photography but with the feeling of, well, the glowy, thrilling, sexy post-nuptial "morning after." Typical set-ups include the new hubby and wife in their bedrooms or hotel rooms snuggling, showering, or well, whatever else they're comfortable doing in front of the camera lens. But don't get the wrong idea ...

We're not talking about porn here. The idea behind the "morning after" shoot is that it's documenting the couple in an amazing and very sensual, once-in-a-lifetime, blissed-out moment.

Melissa Squires, who runs A Girl in Love Photography in Detroit, and was quoted in the New York Daily News' feature on the trend explains:

The feeling I try to capture is closeness. That lovely calm and happiness one feels when they realize it's for real, now they are really husband and wife.

Awesome! I also love how Squire and other photographers who are doing morning after sessions say they want to show how marriage can be totally hot. Because all too often our culture makes it like as soon as you tie the knot, you're dragging around a ball and chain and morphing into someone who's "old/boring/tired," etc. aka the opposite of sexy. And that's simply not true! (In fact, you could argue many couples are in the best shape of their lives when they get married, so if you're ever going to bare (mostly) all to the camera, you'd probably want to do it then!)

Plus, in the end, couples should do whatever they want to document their Big Day. If they're all about a stripped-down, loved-up shoot, more power to 'em!

What do you think about morning after wedding photography? Would you do it/have done it?

Image via William Klos/Flickr

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jessi... jessicasmom1

ooohh lala ... nope we did not have them done

Stink... Stinkydog

Facepalm. Note to anyone considering this: no one cares, get over yourselves.

nonmember avatar nicky

Agree with stinkydog. Classless, self indulgent, superficial. We were nursing headaches with breakfast in bed looking like hot messes the day after our wedding. No one will ever see that and for that I'm thankful.

nonmember avatar Corcor

Haha, nicky, so true! Well hubs and I were still trying to "get it in" since we were both virgins and a little freaked out about the whole P in the V thing... So glad nobody photographed that!

nonmember avatar Madame Garlic

For me, a large part of the hotness is the privacy...knowing that noone else has a clue about what intensely deep and intimate stuff has been going on.

nonmember avatar Tonya

Amen, stinkydog. Why have we become a society feeling the need to photograph (and post) every detail of our lives? As if someone gives a crap? So narcissistic.

Meg Moore

i think its wonderful for those who wants those memorys to look back on..something private to kepe close to you.

count... countrygirl670

 The only thing you're documenting when you're posing for pictures it that you posed for pictures.  If I wanted to look at someone's "morning after" photos, it would be because it would touch my heart to see the tired, but blissful smiles, the meaningful, lingering looks, their hopes for the future written on their faces- spontaneously.  You know, the kinds of things that make every newly married couple beautiful- not just the conventionally attractive ones.  Most of these "we just had hot sex" photos are meaningless and sad. I can just hear the photographer saying, "Come on- look at her like she's the only woman in the world.  Now hold it..."

Rebecca Peterson

The morning after my wedding, my husband and I looked exhausted. We had a "Just Married" bbq/bonfire at his place, dinner with my parents. Once we got to the hotel, I hopped on my laptop to work on my finals that were due, and he caught a few zzz's because of him never being able to really sleep. I think most times, sex on the wedding night is a myth lol. Most couples I know just pass out in bed.

nonmember avatar Guest

I agree with stinkydog. So dumb.

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